“You’re probably wondering how I ended up here”

Do I constantly have to wear a sign around my neck that I’m an expert west-disrespecter to avoid being kidnapped? They’ll probably always see YOU in me, won’t they. I probably just have a “Satan face” to them.

This is from 2017

I have lived in Iran for about 3 months and I am looking for other foreigners to share some thoughts. I am originally from Scandinavia and I am living now in Karaj. Until now I haven’t seen any other foreigner in this country.

I’m looking for salvation you could say. I feel like a split-self of the schizophrenic west, and I want to consolidate my own self away from them even further. The question is how do I break from their mind-control 100%. “Going native” in the country that is their foremost enemy probably wouldn’t hurt.

I yandexed “beautiful Iran” to see landscapes and there are pictures of women instead. I’m not going to post those. The only people who have resisted ZOG, what could possibly be attractive about them? “Just post the pictures!” You’ll be executed with that attitude. Lustful westerners. I bet they do have a white boy lust there though. I sure love to be hated in the US. Religious, anti-feminist, anti-semitic, this place sounds simply awful.

From the Rusnet

Iran is a country with a different mentality, religion and tradition. To people who have just moved here, it may seem that they are in another world.

Walking around in Fascist Italy with turbans, who would want to do that?

I have to remind you of the labyrinth I had to navigate through to even have thoughts like this. Intense reversal of brainwashing for years was required.

Things they don’t want you to know

Most of the country’s population (90-95%) receive medical care under insurance, that is, free of charge. 

I love to give leftists cognitive dissonance.

Who knows about that kidnapping thing, I found that on the English internet. They want to prevent us from understanding that different epistemologies exist.

This is a blessing in disguise for them

Due to the sanctions, most of the big brands and fast food are not in Iran

This must be symptomatic of something- they’re the world capital of rhinoplasty

For many years, plastic surgeons created the same shape nose for every client and often that nose was based on a Caucasian or “white” standard.

This could reflect a shift in their spirit in a good or bad way. The embrace of reason vs. the embrace of the equalism god.

Once COVID is over this will probably be a lot more of a realistic possibility.

Oh man this is steep

690 German nationals in Iran (out of a total of 4,630 foreigners, including 2,590 British)

Then 500 Russians. The few white people there makes it more enticing in a way.

Afghan refugees? Doesn’t anyone care about American refugees? I repeat my refrain- even Latinos are leveled here! That’s all the proof you need this is a failcountry. I don’t want it affecting my soul more than it already has. I don’t care about Lincoln, don’t care about the gas chambers, don’t care about the shrieking harlots. Not to mention all the mumbly mealy-mouth sellouts among white males.

Djalali is a Swede

Will I need a name like that? Sweet. This one was convicted of spying on their nuclear program though. You get what you deserve.

The risk of living dangerously – they might just want to use some random vanillaface as a scapegoat

prison officials shining bright lights in his small cell 24 hours a day to deprive him of sleep

There are only 14 European citizens detained in Iran, by my count, and all of them except Djalali LOOK middle eastern, and even HE looks like at least a halfbreed or something. So the 4000 some whites there aren’t the problem. You see how many physicists get murdered there- these 14 probably ARE spies.

Anyway, both the Farsinet and Englishnet seem pretty useless for info on moving there, whereas the Rusnet is better than others. To me, as with most things, this is about philosophy. I want to cleanse my mind of the false wisdom of the west.

If I administered one of these for English-speakers would you visit?

Do you remember this site? This is the best Iranian study center I’ve found. The ideal would be to collaborate with people like that. They’re better philosophers than 99.999% of English-speakers. Highly knowledgeable scholars who rightly despise the west and jews.

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