My favorite .ir site tips me off about the corruption of the Guenonian Schuon whereupon I find an interesting article on my favorite .ru site

I always got that vibe from Schuon, that he was a false guru like Osho and his 93 Rolls Royces.

So, immediate question- is that Nasr from yesterday a fed too? It IS highly suspicious that they let a Guenonian into academia. Did he use it to promulgate a “moderate Islam” similar to Wahhabism?

This .ru article claims Morocco, Jordan, and the UAE are fedded out. I have also showed evidence in the past this is the case.

They want you to look at this and see a solid block of “rogue states”, when the reality is most of them are safely zogged

On our side of the world we call these “entryists”

places the Salafi School within the framework of orthodox Sunni theology, thereby attempting to legitimize its anti-Sunni and anti-Islamic doctrines.

I remember back around 2014 neoreactionaries were really strict about “entryists”, and the truth I’ve discovered at least was that these ones were themselves entryists into rightism. If you’re a jew-lover you’re a prog, just accept it.

Anyway, right now I’m using Russians to understand Islam, to understand the west. This is normal here, why doesn’t anyone else do this kind of thing? People on the right seem to be memers 99% of the time and we wonder why the left is so powerful.

See this synchronicity?

she pales in comparison to other Muslim professors and academics based in Canada and the United States who, by neglect or deliberate design, fail to appear in The Muslim 500

They do this sort of thing with white reactionaries too. Keep the “moderate” ones in front. The jew-schmoozers and the types that promote being a half-nigger.

Damn, I was looking forward to reading more of that Nasr, now I really have doubts

The promotion of subservient scholars at the service of imperialism

While I know it’s difficult to accept, the less time you spend reading words originally in English, the clearer your perception will be.

These are precisely the people who promote an “Islam” that is pleasing and palatable to the Empire. 

There are so many like this, and they’re all so bitter about it when you bring it up. I’ve been saying this for years, and to no avail. They want the feeling of being a rebel without actual being one. No, you’re a patsy, that’s all. Might as well be wearing a yarmulke to me. They don’t care, because, again, the only thing that’s important to them is the FEELING that they’re opposed to the system, and the praise from the easily duped who in many cases want to live vicariously through that feeling. “I’m not a slave, yay!” No, you are. A slave to jews, a slave to pussy, a slave to being a pussy.

This is so funny

the Muslim 500 treats Takfiri leaders as if they belonged to the Islamic faith, when they most certainly do not. They are no more Muslim than the Anti-Christ is Christian. 

Eh, what’re ya gonna do, at least alt-lite types slight women from time to time, that’s better than nothing.

Aw man you just had to put it that way, didn’t you

Instead of endorsing the Muslim 500, we should treat it as the Academy Awards, honors bestowed upon actors in the ignominious theatre of world domination and catastrophic subjugation. 

While I know people HATE to hear it, I’d put Alex Jones, Dugin, Molyneux, Yarvin, all these kinds of people, on the western equivalent of this 500 list. Do you hate to hear it or what? This is probably the most truth you’re going to see today, the question is whether you can endure it. Remember “Q”? While I never read him, based on his followers I’d put him on the list too. You all win an award for your role in the theatre of world domination, congratulations. I’m not going to hate on my fellow-travelers too much, just going to note where they are.

What is there in life, I really wonder. Friends and allies who are subservient stooges, women with a 100 body count. That’s why I try to isolate ideal places in MENA, because there isn’t much here. And you have to be a really cunning person to narrow it down even further and see that most of MENA is not free of western corruption either. If you have integrity you’re going to find yourself pretty alone in the world, and Iran seems to be that place.

So we’re forming a collection of these pseudo-Islams

striking similarities existing between Bahaism and the Maryamiyyah that deserves a detailed comparative analysis in its own right. Today both also enjoy a very cozy relationship with the state of Israel — with the former also sharing a cozy relationship with the Gulf potentates as well as the Moroccan elite.

I pull this from here, which speculates that Schuon possibly had Guenon killed.

So, Evola remains Guenon’s chief disciple, from what I can tell so far

Nasr and Lings each in turn made closer alliances with the British establishment and the American deep state, going so far on occasion to operate in the capacity of covert and clandestine fronts for Anglo-American ‘soft power’ in numerous locales throughout the Muslim world

Ugh, Nasr is a lifelong friend of Kissinger apparently. Welp, not reading his books.

Remember, I’m writing in this context of wanting to discover the real meaning of Sufism. If you read the last link you might get the impression “they” use Sufism in MENA in the same way they’ve used Freemasonry in the western world. Heh, I was wondering why I’ve seen on the Farsinet a few times now hostility to Sufism, as causing “beliefs in illusions”. There must be legitimate Islamic esotericists out there somewhere.

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