What my favorite Iranian study center thinks about Guenonian Islam

This is like Freemasonry for Muslims

مریمیه فرقه‌ای است نخبه‌گرا که علاقه‌ای به گسترش کمیّت خود ندارد بلکه سیاست جذب نخبگان را، به‌ویژه برجسته‌ترین و تأثیرگذارترین‏‌ها را، دنبال می‌کند.

One of Guenon’s critiques of Schuon was that he replaced perennialism with universalism.

This is insidious- and he links Huston Smith and Thomas Merton, two of the most prominent scholars of religion in the 20th century, to this Schuon cult

در مریمیه «ظاهرگرایی»، مرعوب کردن نخبگان جوان از طریق عناوین شامخ آکادمیک و کتاب‌های نفیس و فاخر، در اوج خود است.

He says that they call it “Islam” when what they are really writing about is a universalist form of Sufism. My veteran readers don’t need me to point out how easy it is for universalism to lapse into relativism and equalism. All this to say that we are either given THIS interpretation of Islam, or the “terrorist” interpretation. He says the publication of books on Islam in the west that use the Schuon interpretation is widespread, and Schuon is usually never mentioned. He even says many academics and scholars in Iran use this interpretation! This could be worse than the satellites, directly confusing the Brain of society.

I was wondering why they let Nasr give Gifford Lectures. That was the first Muslim they ever invited. This is starting to seem like a supreme psyop. I was annoyed yesterday to find Schuon’s name frequently in the same sentence with Guenon’s when Nasr talked about his influences. Seriously, go read something of Schuon’s, he seems like one of those stereotypical “pothead gurus”.

I can’t resist noting how Guenon would probably see this deviation as a typical occurrence in the Kali Yuga. Yes, the wisdom is lost within one generation.

This study center claims Schuon distanced further from Islam after the Iranian Revolution. You want to talk about esoteric Islam? Perhaps that revolution was the very manifestation of that. You need to be immune to so many allergies to even formulate these kinds of thought muhahahaha. Anyway, remember that the ruling-caste of Syria is also a certain type of Sufi, so that might be a better place to look than this Schuonian “hermeneutics of subservience”. Let me be myself in the academy, you’ll love me there! I just love to stab slaves, what about that don’t you like?

The hermeneutics of subservience ohhhh I have to laugh at my own jokes I guess.

Just so we remember the gravity of what we’re talking about

desired goal to achieve undisputed domination of the earth

This statement was of course in Farsi, the language spoken by a people that hasn’t been dominated.

What do they make you look like?

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