Okay, so far looking for Guenonians has been a disappointment so I’m just pulled back to the one I’m already familiar with- this is Evola in his last interview

For an initiation to be possible in these terms, a center with people “able to initiate” is needed.

Stating the obvious? Sure. Who else is saying that? Only “cruel elitists” will say that, and those don’t exist today.

I think I told you before that I remember looking for Evola on JSTOR in the university, and all they had was one innocent article on Buddhism, out of the dozens of books he wrote. So, Guenon was distorted by Schuon and Nasr, and Guenon’s real disciple, Evola, was simply disappeared.

there is even, I believe in San Francisco, an initiation by correspondence, stuff to make you laugh.

The futility of the internet in this regard is something I’ve detailed before. The hand pointing at the moon is not the moon.

He says this in 1973, and it’s probably gotten worse since then

actually serious and active groups in the field of initiation it is very rare to find or indicate any in the West.

He only notes Giuliano Kremmerz’s group as an exception.

I find this interview on the Italian internet, and I haven’t seen it before in English.

Honestly it’s so nice to see someone talking like this who isn’t a Muslim. I’m of the west, Islamists do not speak my language.

If someone doesn’t like Evola it’s a good sign they’re descendants of the peasants that were active in all those revolutions. He’s a survivor of Italy’s version of France’s Ancien Régime.

One of the main reasons an initiatic order is impossible today is because it wouldn’t be PC. Modern-day Thelema for instance is PC’d beyond recognition. Recall my post on Evola’s third volume on magic. It’s like walking across hot embers, if you’re burned then you weren’t supposed to walk across them. Most groups today are probably set up so that anyone can walk across them. Thus they were not hot embers to begin with. I’ve seriously watched people try to walk across them and they fall and flail, and choose therefore to side with the Jews. This is a real phenomenon in “contemporary esotericism” if you want to call it that. No, you can’t cross, you have to have the kiddie version, which Jews provide. Problem is, the kiddie version isn’t real initiation, it’s illusion they provide. I’d like to use those lie-detector tests the Scientologists are fond of using ON the Scientologists themselves. And that’s just the most well-known “initiatic organization”.

Look, old man Evola KNEW, this is what I’ve been trying to find the exact details about

I wanted to know if despite this situation, you think that in the East, today, compared to the West there is some possibility and there is some concrete society or initiatory circle. 

No doubt there are chains that exist, this cannot be denied. There is the “Ismaili” theory of the sirsila, who would be the “chains”, and of the imams, who would be the supreme initiatory leaders

Notice his mind doesn’t go to the Chinese- natural atheists, hence they and the fallen west are one.

Imagine some prog saying this about Muslims

the East has not passed to a culture of real crisis: there may have been a materialization, a dispersion of knowledge, but nothing similar to the secularization of the culture that characterizes the West.

I keep telling you, even reactionaries hate to admit it.

I do love discrimination

we must distinguish the Sufi Arabs from the Sufi Persians, which would be the Ismaili… the latter above all have an importance

About half a year before he died he says this.

Without the internet and google translate we’d never know about the Schuonian distortion. They try to keep Shi’ism in general under wraps here.

This has been happening to me the last few years – anyone else?

in the initiate in the true sense a change of nature has taken place which puts him in the same relationship with the common man, as the common man is to the animal.

Seems like most people have regressed during that time, from what I’ve observed.

Why do I take Evola as an authority? You won’t like the answer- he’s a guiltless aristocrat. I would not trust anything an equalist or centrist said about esotericism. You’re just asking for “truth” that meshes with our political order if you take that route, and that’s no truth at all.

Okay, I have to share this excerpt

More seriously though-

Per quanto riguarda l’alchìmia …

Mi fa piacere sapere che lei pronunci « alchìmia » e non «alchimìa»

This pronunciation derives from an Arabic word, which itself is derived from a Syriac word… which, itself is derived from a Greek word.

What level was he even on? If you’ve read a few of his books on mysticism then you probably can guess.

Some of the final words of the old man, so true

Current Catholicism is more or less disgusting

Guenon also was infamous for saying baptism was a form of false initiation.

(From my favorite Iranian site.)

Anyway, you really have to wonder why these Shi’ists are enemy number one of the Great Satan.

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