While I know it might get trite always bringing up the one this site is named after, I don’t care. You want the best, that’s the best (at least for fallen moderns–people with more attention span can read Plato). Similar to the case of Guenon though, Evola is one of Nietzsche’s truest disciples, and these are his two main influences. That’s quite the achievement, to have loyally reflected their thought with the perceptiveness of next to no one else.

Mussolini was just a politician. Evola was the “real Mussolini” in a sense. He’s the true, intellectual expression of that ethos. And I keep finding things on the Italian internet I’ve never seen about him in English- he’s still obscure in many ways in the US. Namely, I want to note, he translated a book on Nietzsche a few years before he died. And this was a project that was on his mind as early as 1948. So this must have been a special interpretation of Nietzsche to him.

Here we go, this is one of the first things I read about this writer he translated

Robert Reininger was a member of the anti-Semitic professors’ clique Bärenhöhle.

You have to not be “thirsty” at all to write about these things. Sex and intimacy really drive people more than they know. An old anti-semite’s book on Nietzsche, translated by a self-labeled “superfascist”, you obviously care more about your interests than forming a family or something like that.

Look at this – does this remind you of anyone?

From 1912 to 1939 he was chairman of the Philosophical Society at the University of Vienna

(For people with bad memories- Sedlmayr.)

See, I was looking for this kind of person the other day and didn’t see Reininger. They DESIGN it so these types don’t pop out to you from google. He’s not on this list, for whatever reason.

So why did old man Evola translate this book of his from 1922? Reininger is another one for the collection who is an ignorant villain who just so happens to have books on Kant and Hegel. You just look bad if you hate people like that. “You can’t look bad when you’ve brainwashed people to be retards.” Fair point.

By the way, something else to look for- Evola’s postwar pseudonym, Carlo d’Altavilla. Everyone knows Pessoa’s Alberto Caeiro, and not this one, I wonder why that is.

“Pedant” is a euphemism for the kinds of people I address. These are people with higher abilities to be free. Less euphemistically than that, these are human beings. You can think of them as pedants if that makes you feel better though.

The people who live in bondage want everyone else to live in bondage, this is one of the “secrets of politics”. Do you know what bondage is? It means your so-called consciousness is an object. And consciousness is defined by not being an object so it is in fact not consciousness. This is what you could call “the occult war”. Certain corrupt ones with consciousness, which I call goblins, strive to collect objects for their army. The more objects they have, the better they can fight for their version of consciousness. The international communists have collected a great deal of objects for their cause at this point. There’s a good chance that the person reading this is one of them. If they limit your ability to speak, that easily makes you an object, because only when you SAY something is your spirit reinforced. If it’s a lingering thought that’s forgotten and never said then you never are able to shed your objectness. And that’s what they like.

This is a side of him I usually only speak of indirectly

Reininger says rightly that the figure of Nietzsche has also the value of a symbol; his person incarnates also a cause; “It is the cause of modern man for which one fights here: man who no longer has roots in the sacred world of tradition, oscillating between the peaks of civilization and the abysses of barbarism, searching for himself; trying, that is, to create a satisfying sense of purpose for an existence completely left to itself.”

This to me at least is extremely relatable, probably for some others as well. Ask yourself if in this time of uncertainty you find that you find meaning in revenge. That seems like a prevalent problem among uprooted ones. Or to phrase it in the way I was speaking above, revenge against the non-objects. It seems so prevalent for people to not try to be non-objects themselves, and instead hate people who aren’t like them. This is a consequence of the death of god. Revenge is their god now. You people try to hide it, and I can see. You should be ashamed of yourself if that’s you. You don’t try to get better, you’re only bitter about people who are better than you. Try to get better. You could’ve spent lockdown turning into a veritable Aeschylus scholar, and it’s more likely you spent it hating white men instead. You don’t see a problem with that?

Anyway, just wanted to alert the “pedants” about this book the superfascist of the 20th century found important late in life.

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