This is the kind of ad I get on my screen all the time, with other messages telling me that being half-black is a good thing

Make sure you do what we say or we’ll have you killed in a prison cell, and no one will even care. That seems to be their message to me.

John is really in the Cayman Islands sending me this ad amidst the ones that try to tell me I should accept being half-black. Yeah right, he’s probably dead. Unless he’s a magician which is possible. This is one of the mysteries of politics at the moment, someone who ran against the empire and was suicided in prison.

No one cares, they identify with the empire. They want anyone who questions them to die. When did certain people even get voting rights, only some decades ago? You seem real trustworthy about anything. Why didn’t you have voting rights until a few decades ago? Could it be that you were rightly perceived as someone that wasn’t “human”?

They’ll suicide you if you try to pull this. It’s true though. All the different bioleninists sound like an animal when they talk, and they hate that certain people see them that way. Why can’t you admit it? You want a world of animals?

“Send him to prison, kill him in his cell.”

The real meaning of “politics”, glimpsed here.

What’s it like being an animal? Can you tell me about that in English somehow?

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