dān means “to know”

They must know something we don’t.

Another day of talking to people who are sour about how right I am, eh?

This is where the journey of the dialectic has taken me.

I figure if I only direct my cunning in Farsi at the US/ZOG they won’t put me in a torture chamber or something. Watch, I’m going to spend the last few decades of my life as a slave in the desert somewhere with my tongue cut out. Philosophy (when it IS philosophy) is something universally reviled- the trick is to put yourself in a place where the object of your criticism is something reviled instead.

This might tell us something about how they persevered

This was written in “English” around the year 1000

“We have to go back!”

I’m just presupposing there’s probably a link between language and being impervious to Radhanite enslavement.

Farsi is one of the oldest languages still spoken. Apparently Iranians can read 1700 year old poetry in the original. Forget Beowulf, English speakers today can’t even read Roger from 400 years ago.

It isn’t the MOST difficult language to learn. It’s a category IV which takes 44 weeks, or 1100 hours. In contrast, Arabic and Mandarin take double that.

You have to wonder why the sovereignty of most of these countries is questionable

Why learn a “language of subservience”?

As strange as the script looks, Farsi is approximately part of the same language family as English

7000 years ago we went different ways, and today certain language-speakers are conquered peoples while others are not.

What is it about being a conquered people and in DENIAL of it anyway? That’s an interesting subtlety to the psychology of the English-speaking mental patients.

Hmm this tactic helped me understand German back in the day

The “roadblock” I keep thinking of is that even if an American expat community formed in Iran somehow, it would attract so many feds, thus would always be under surveillance by the Iranians. And I wouldn’t blame them either. These are just the conditions when you want to live in “the enemy empire”. Sounds like an adventure if you ask me.

I don’t know how I could convince them that having friendly people with “Ice Age brains” in their country could be extremely advantageous to their national security. It’s a matter of not offending them while demonstrating that progress in the non-prog sense is possible in certain ways. Certain futuristic concepts they wouldn’t think about on their own in most cases for instance? Not like people in the west have much better ideological equipment for that anyway. When you nuke the west from orbit like I have you’re kind of in this thing alone, no one is going to help you get there OR get out of there if you get in trouble. It’s a completely independent interest. Only sovereigns within a slave state will want to migrate to a sovereign state. And just drop the act with China please, one communism to another communism, how brilliant an idea that is. “They’re anti-semites in Iran!” Hey, it looks like we found jewboy.

Whatever, I just think “frogs” in general could greatly benefit their country. Have you spent time on the Farsinet? I think we’d feel at home there after not very much time. Living in the west is just voluntary castration, and worshiping at a Satanic altar on a daily basis. No thanks, I like to have my balls, and I love God, thank you very much. Oh no, I have to refer to “God” in Farsi, who cares. Furthermore, what are the Sufi mysteries, how do those connect with politics, I’d like to know. Yahweh is the Demiurge? Who would’ve guessed. Certainly not one of Yahweh’s obedient soldiers. If there’s a hell that’s where you’re going. Enjoy your worldly delights while you still can, demon. People in medieval times were right to see apes as demonic- that’s what you are. It took me the first third of my life to realize all this as a gradual epiphany, and I don’t intend to spend the next two thirds around all you sour people in denial of what you are. In many cases you probably DEFINE the DECLINE. And the Weimarians give you honor for it. People seriously prefer to live in the “matrix”. I watch the decision to do so with my own eyes. You’re not fooling me, you only fool others who made the same decision. Living in Iran seems like the decision to live in reality. All my thinking about “exit” has brought me to this. How’s their space program doing I wonder. We desperately need those who are explicitly opposed to the Demiurge on the moon. In other words, this is the “terrestrial lunar base” I have isolated. No one ever would’ve expected it.

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