This is a helpful way to phrase it

You can’t jump directly from Catholicism to atheism, it’s too jarring- we were prepared for secularism by protestantism. And secularism is arguably when you’re most vulnerable.

This is so easy to find in their news. Why isn’t this in our news?

اینها خوب می‌دانند که آمریکا و اتحادیه اروپا به طور کامل در قبضۀ شبکه‌های شیطانی صهیونی و صاحبان کارتل‌ها و کمپانی‌داران فراملی و بانک‌داران بزرگ یهودی‌اند.

Probably because kids here are taught ~anti-racism~ which makes “them” invisible in the crowd, and further, the gas chamber mythos, which makes them even more beyond scrutiny. Meanwhile look at their schools

Sounds like kids who get a solid education.

این افراد، اصحاب آتش دوزخ‌اند

Look, they KNOW

especially in the middle of the seventeenth century, it was born in the heart of the Christian world through the all-Jewish project “Reform Movement”, “Protestantism” and so on. Explain about this

They know the origins of our demise better than we do

One random news article on the Farsinet explains Everything.

And the mental midgets here with a sense for history still refer to Cromwell as their Lord Protector. You must really like basketball or something, can you basketballpill me?

Wow, so they consciously refer to the subversion within Iran as “Islamic Puritanism” and strive to prevent the Cromwellian revolution that took place in the west nearly 400 years ago. They know that what amounts to our “sacred history” here was a series of mistakes.

Make sure to be castrated and that women in hijabs are freer than you, that sounds like “the life”. While you’re at it cheer on the total whoreification of society and omit to mention the future destruction their ill-bred bastards will cause. You ARE a spiritual Jew whose murder would not upset in the least anyone who matters outside the standards of kikeworld. “I’m valuable in kikeworld!” Well-said, that’s exactly the truth. Niggerbloods simply hate the idea of missiles being fired at the home-base of International Communism. Is that you? You’re only a valid person–you’re only a person–in kikeworld, that must be tough. Imagine what a non-person’s voice does to dilute the truth when it’s perceived as equally as valid as any other. You’re an enemy of truth and a proponent of animals being recognized as human. That’s not reality, why are you opposed to reality? Things are not going to be alright if you continue to do that. The definition of human continues to shift toward something closer to animal. Are you proud of yourself for that?

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