Just accept that’s what they are, that’s your best bet. I would say you shouldn’t even have any reluctance about seeing yourself as a different species from them entirely. Their fate is set in stone for them, to be something like a neanderthal, or a sheanderthal if you prefer. They’ll never be able to change the fact that they’re mechanisms. Their emotions have control and the slight consciousness they do have doesn’t really have a say in the matter- they merely attach the word “I” to it and identify with it. Their awareness of their self doesn’t see that at all. It will only be those mechanical emotions that interpret this very concept about their mechanical emotions. The boiling water they can’t see, they’re just the whistle of the tea kettle that thinks it’s self-caused. Some people can see their mechanistic side.

Sometimes I feel bad about the suffering I’ve caused, then I always have the realization that I consider nothing I said to cause it to be false. For instance if you’re upset about the word nigger, I really don’t care. That’s reality. I wish it wasn’t reality too. Unfortunately it’s a reality that can be seen everywhere. And if it upsets you to hear that then I have to expect you’re one of those tea kettles.

The best you can do is avoid these people altogether. I try to see them as squirrels or something that live in an animal realm that I’m not part of whatsoever. They want to whistle at you with the emotions they can’t control (and do identify with nonetheless) and that has the effect of deceiving you that they’re really human, which they are not. It’s time to accept there is no “human race”, and that there is not simply “europeople” as I like to call them. There are castes which are not human at all within both the “human race” and europeople. It’s not something that makes me happy, in fact it makes me quite sad to conclude this. Just feeling surrounded for years by tea kettles or squirrels or whatever you want to think of them as. Having a name and being able to speak words does not make someone human. There are multiple gradations of the nigger caste. Every single one of them is disgusting to behold. My point though is that the ideal attitude seems to be acceptance. If we have to live in the world with them then their shrill whistles of mechanical emotion that discharge the anxiety of their self-perception being shaken up to realize their “I” is mechanical and not exactly human should not reduce us to the degradation of perceiving them as actual humans. They want to grab you and hold you back to accept “equality” with them. I politely request you keep your white nigger hands off me. No one wants to be there with you. No one wants to be an animal like you. They all want you to join them in the animal realm. These are the squirrels that pretend the “Ein Sof” does not exist. They exist in a different spiritual dimension altogether, and it is questionable how much “spirit” is actually in it. Mechanical emotions mostly. Who do I even write for, you might ask. Who knows! Fellow Sufis. Are they anywhere to be found or is it just goblins and orcs, and mostly orcs? The thing is, people aware of the goblin/orc problem will hide if they disagree with them so it does have a mysterious element to it. My intuition though is that there are more of the non-humans than most want to admit. Admitting the extent of it makes life dismal. I feel like such a person who’s alone in the world most days for instance, and I wouldn’t blame people for using illusions about humanity to buffer against the emptiness that causes. I like Bannon’s idea of a monastery in Europe. People who don’t want to deal with those illusions anymore should all gather there, we could probably cause something of a paradigm-shift in the history of philosophy if we worked together and didn’t care what the state thinks at all. I know, an impossible fantasy. Doesn’t seem that implausible to me. The “Atlanteans” of some decades ago seem pretty old to me, and I feel they’ve already been gone beyond, at least in my mind. I guess we’ll leave it to those “backward turban people” like in that study center I link to. Ice Age brains could take it so much farther than they have. It’s just a matter of being willing to break with society. And the people who can’t endure that are tea kettles, and so that is the fate of the world.

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