Usually when you find someone persuasive enough to read for YEARS, you say Maybe they should be part of the establishment now? No, these niggers can’t take the pain. Hiding someone for years, that’s not suspicious at all. It seems to follow that you’re some kind of nigger.

What kind are you? I can easily designate 20 types of nigger. You plan to admit it one of these days? Or… keep hiding it?

Hiding it, it is!

A pure nigger in society, what is that like? I’m sure if you had the faculty for confession you’d tell me, and I bet you don’t.

“We have to hide certain people who are… smarter than us….” Only a nigger says that.

I hope I’ve helped you “find yourself”.

What did you find there, a turd with a human body?

Nah, I believe certain “monks” still exist in the world, I can in fact think of a few you might know, and won’t say their name, because it’s better for them to be chameleons.

I’m not addressing them though, they’re not people who live in ignorance. Tell me what you think of a subhuman conspiracy to make sure no one knows someone designated them for what they are?

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