If everyone in the west is made into an idiot the development of one-world communism with China will be smoother

Guénon insists that “caste degradation” is taking place, and humanity itself is uncontrollably heading towards its end, which will be the end of a certain cosmic cycle.

Some brahmins can hide away during this though, and that’s what I tend to focus on.

I’m continuing to follow suggestions from imam Evola, specifically revelations I encounter on the Greaseballnet. In this case it strikes me as interesting that he translated two books by Gustav Meyrink in 1944. And then another one in 1949. This is a writer similar to Lovecraft, and here’s the twist

in an interview Meyrink declared that his novels were only “coverings”, that they had a symbolic content which reflected his experiences. He asserted, moreover, that he more than invented his characters and their events, he “lived” them.

And in that interview of old man Evola on initiation from the other day I was surprised that Meyrink’s novel The Golem was among the only viable texts he suggested to read. Fiction, how could fiction be useful in initiation- that was my thought.

I find a post on Evola and Meyrink on this “gornahoor” site, which frequently has popped up on google over the years when looking for material on Guenonianism in general. Not many out there care about this stuff.

It is possible that Meyrink had an initiation in the proper sense. 

You might recall this post in this context- contemporary philosophy has left behind its ritualistic and initiatic dimensions which were present in Egypt before philosophy was even philosophy. So it’s a question of how to restore that, and frankly I’m suspicious of most “postwar patsies”.

Have you read Arthur Machen? He was a member of the Golden Dawn who fictionalized his experiences, similar to Meyrink.

Honestly, I had an “occult” type experience earlier today, that’s why I’m studying this at the moment. Sensing the presence of extra-dimensional entities, demanding they “show themselves”, and being somewhat terrified. You can pretend I didn’t say this or whatever, I don’t really care.

Meyrink also has a chapter in Evola’s first volume of magic

Imagine: the lowest step of this heavenly ladder is called “genius.” What name shall we then give to the highest ones? They remain unknown to the multitudes and are considered to be legend.

I know not many understand when I say writers like Lutostansky, Choinski, Shmakov, Eisenmenger, are necessary to step to a higher rung. There’s no easy way to say that Judaism controls people’s spiritual lives in a subtle way, and only once you immerse in the best critiques of that will you be able to “be aware” of that.

Anyway, this is from the book Evola devoted to criticizing the various pseudo “spiritualist” movements of his day, and this is one name he cites favorably

the “chain of awakening,” as Meyrink calls it — runs through the weft of history, carrying one back ever to primordial times.

See how he is similar to those Iranians in seeing modern western history as a series of errors

That which was the soul and axis of every great past civilization cannot be destroyed by a few centuries of modern superstition.

When I give up on my contemporaries I can always find solidarity in Evola

The path of high magic has always been the path of the exceedingly few.

Another one of the few occultists he respected besides Meyrink goes without saying- Eliphas Levi – if you haven’t read him yet I don’t know what you’re doing.

The hopes involved in the “glorious digital revolution” are such a joke in this light

It is an aristocratic right. The only right that the mob cannot ever usurp, not today, nor in any other epoch of the world.

It’s funny that even the Jews are the Jews’ slaves. No one is free, not even them. If you sacrifice your sovereignty to them one iota you’ll never know what any of this is about. The political precedes the spiritual. Initiation requires the suspension of the political.

Is this the first time we’ve made each other’s acquaintance?

Nell’Angelo della Finestra d’Occidente il barone Müller, ultimo discendente dei Dees of Gladhill, è lo stesso John Dee che si ricorda e riesce nell’impresa che non solo a lui stesso, ma anche ad un’altra sua manifestazione nello stesso ceppo – a John Roger – era fallita. Intorno a lui, come esseri dei tempi moderni, riappaiono le forze e i personaggi con cui secoli prima aveva già avuto a che fare.

They keep reincarnating into the same rabble.

They yearn to be free from the perception that they are servile more than they yearn to be free.

How an aristocrat was initiated into occultism- it makes me laugh, the thought of people flocking to that concept.

If this is up your alley though, the book he edited before Meyrink’s, La guerra occulta, I highly suggest you read.

I always feel like I’m on a plane of light hovering above when I speak to Americans. It’s like I’m looking into their globular lifeworld and saying What are you doing in there? You don’t want to be in there.

They cry out to be freed from the perception that they are unfree, they do not cry out to be free.

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