Now that I mentioned Lutostansky I feel moved to outline some things about him. The bolsheviks executed you on the spot if you were caught in possession of his books. An abridged version of his chief text was recently published in Russia, and across the languages of the internet there isn’t much to find about him.

Thus, by identifying “anti-Semitism” with the counter-revolution, the Bolsheviks themselves identified their power with the Jews. 

This isn’t something that’s obvious to see today. I only had an “epiphany” about this a few months ago. This is real in today’s US among the more perceptive progs. This isn’t a “conspiracy”- progs “answer” the JQ in a way that contrasts with my own answer. And any right-seeming Jews who run cover for their crime family are merely crypto-communists. That follows logically. Victims of Esther, do you have something to say in this context? “She gave great head in the early days, what can I say?”

Okay, I’m done trying to be funny about this stuff because it’s very serious actually. I’m trying to show you how thoroughly you’ve been conned. The same ethnic ruling-caste as the USSR, and in the US if you were caught with Lutostanky’s books you’d be unpersoned, or so to speak socially executed. Oh yeah, this is all just random.

Pod koniec lat dwudziestych tylko w Moskwie co dziesięć dni odbywał się proces o antysemityzm; można by sądzić za tylko jedno wypowiedziane słowo „Żyd”.

There’s a taboo around even saying the word.

“Are you trying to jeopardize our communist project? Don’t even say that word!”


Антикварные антисемитские книги всегда были крайне редкими, поскольку синагоги скупали их по выходу и сразу уничтожали.

Even the abridged version of Lutostansky is 1000x more eye-opening than anything they allow to be printed in “their” publishing houses.

Talk about neurotically paranoid

Действия синагог привели к появлению многих писателей и издателей, которые с восторгом принялись сочинять и издавать совершенно однообразные антисемитские книги, рассчитывая на гарантированного покупателя в лице раввинов.

If you want to do some rangordnung, the only ones who understand them as well as the Middle Easterners are the Russians. That’s my experience of the “global internet” at least.

This is the judgment of someone who owns an antique library “of a certain kind” hint hint

Лютостанский, Ипполит Иосифович (1835 – 1915) мой безусловный и однозначный фаворит. Ему принадлежит самый масштабный и капитальный труд по антисемитизму, изданный в России

And I’ve seen this opinion a few places on the Rusnet.

I hate to tell you that Lutostansky, besides his chief work, has a book on… cannibalism. And they tried to bribe him into not publishing it.

What do you think, would you like to be in a Jew’s stomach? Just wondering. You don’t have to answer. Would you like to be wiped off their lips with a handkerchief?

I’ve posted about this writer before too- he’s as fundamental as Lutostansky

The living ones of today have the exact same attitude about memers and more elaborate theorists alike. Technology has changed though so that we don’t have to rely on book shops- we have free PDFs. As much as that’s the case however they remove from the public anyone who’d tell people about such PDFs. And while I don’t mean to dwell on this, apparently for perceptive progs, a ruling-class with a hidden history of cannibalism is kosher. For communism, any means is justified in their eyes. Anyway, you can see this as an alternative account that further substantiates that rabbi’s son’s more comprehensive work.

It would be neat to possess the first edition of Lutostanky’s (non-cannibalism related) book though. That is what that faux-right publishing house Arktos would publish if they were serious.

Progs don’t care, these “Aztecs” secure them more respect than they deserve and that’s all that matters to them. “You give me more respect than I deserve, I give YOU more respect than you deserve” – that’s the nature of their ideological business proceeding.

How about 2021…

Even after 1991, Russian nationalists were afraid for a long time to republish the works of this historian.

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