On that Elista forum looking for book suggestions I might have overlooked

those who subsequently received the approval of the Soviet and erephian censorship for such a betrayal of the Russian people… were awarded the titles of “classics of Russian and Soviet literature”

I think most immediately of Solzhenitsyn myself. Same ethnic-ruling caste we have now, and this is the one who’s supposed to represent the dark side of what they did, and he’s a lightweight, and one might suspect, deliberately promoted in the west for that very reason. This is the happy sunshine website, did you forget?

This forum is the only place you see it expressed with the true gravity it warrants

Чтобы решить «вопрос вопросов» надо быть отшельником, постником и схимником, требуется святоотеческий ум брамина, а не кшатрия.

This isn’t Elista, this is Franki, who also makes observant remarks. He says for even an exceptional person, ten years of study is not enough to understand the subject. Franki, like Elista, strongly praises that Egyptian Darkness trilogy I’ve posted about before. So on the shoulders of this trilogy perhaps we’d need only nine years to understand!

sigh, this is so true

Сегодня все, без исключения, работают на усыпление и эвтаназию.

Franki still has reservations about the trilogy, he thinks it could be improved. You can read his thoughts here. And here is the most convenient insta-translated version of the trilogy I’ve found.

If only you could see something like this statement in English

Как обстоят дела с предпринятым Вами изданием В. Крестовского?

This is accurate in my experience

Исключительно нестандартна фабула романа (по-моему, больше такой темы никогда и не встречала)

Yeah, to say the least!

Это ни в коем случае не коммерческое чтиво для гойской массы.

A fictionalization of the kagal? Pearls before swine, etc.

This is a depressing way to look at it- probably the only time it would be published in English too

Тот факт, что книга В.В. Крестовского “Тамара Бендавид” была принята мистиками к публикации, и даже в виде “коммерческого проекта”, показывает, что враги рода человеческого считают ее на данном этапе разложения человеческой цивилизации вполне для себя безопасной.

See what I mean about this forum? There’s no other place like it. Speaking of a lunar base.

I imagine some POC reading this… sweatie, you’re in over your head. If you show that you know about these things you will be kicked into a ditch just as fast as if you were white.

Wow, getting further into that forum, they’re pretty critical of this trilogy. Reminds me of Evola’s “fascism viewed from the right”.

Eh it can be both at the same time

Here is Franki again- suppose this were true

It’s the “Pound” of Russia.

If you click here you can see Franki’s thoughts about the buried Spaniard version of Krestovsky too. And that might be for a different day.

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