The kind of ethos you see here? The world of reality opens to you once you realize anyone opposed to it is one of the wretched ones. They always try to make it look like a “moral opposition” and don’t be fooled. I always leave room for the type of prog that isn’t wretched, these DO exist, they’re just I’d say.. maybe 5% of them? And often that minority is pressured into being a prog because the wretched ones intimidate them. Just telling you how the west works. When I mention “goblins and orcs” for instance there will be many who secretly identify with those, and hope that these things prevail. Does that sound like an ideal society to you? Just know what you’re up against. That’s what goes on in these “people’s” minds that they DON’T SAY. It isn’t simply a movement of the wretched, it’s a secret movement of the wretched. You think they’re going to put that on a banner, “WRETCHED POWER!” No, they will only use euphemisms and distractions to portray what they are. Want to hear something scary? The wretched ones are in control. And of course they’d make you confused about whether they’re wretched or not. Their idea of victory is for everyone to accept that the wretched aren’t wretched. And most in the west have passed that point, many years ago.

There are so many different manifestations of these things the list would be endless. There are many types of tastelessness among whites for instance. Often this is revealed in what “interests” them. What’s their favorite media to consume? This is a dead giveaway. You can detect different gradations of wretchedness among them, and they’re not so fallen as browns, though they’re arguably still pretty irredeemable. All these “people” have a stake in the commie ethos, they all partake of it to different degrees. If you’re a “sad, sad person” who makes me sick, just “coincidentally” you will have sympathies for commie politics. That’s how it works, don’t be confused about this. In order for their egos to survive they will not admit this to themselves. If you do not think the NORM is self-deception then you better readjust your perception quick. Orcs’ and goblins’ very nature is to be in denial of what they are. Are you reading this as my “friend” and thinking ugh they’re so disgusting, it’s true, or do you have a light rage in the back of your mind? That’ll tell you everything you need to know about where you are on the Great Chain of Being. NIGGER! And of course, only a certain kind of person will feel like they are being spoken of directly when they read that. If I saw someone else make a post like this I’d think “Yes, you’re right, no one says that! It’s so true! They eliminate people who make that known from public.” Whereas the wretched ones will read this and think “We NEED to eliminate these people from public.” So what are you? Have I isolated your case? Of being beyond redemption, fallen and deserving of the utmost disgust? That’s for you to decide. I’m only here to help the ones who are worth anything “remember” who they are. That’s right- if you have discovered you are one of the wretched ones by reading my words, and you “coincidentally” promote commie policies which lead to a world of goblins and orcs, that means you are not worth anything.

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