Have you fools gotten to Alfarabi yet? He can lead you to seeing humanity as it really is. Oftentimes when I go into “lizard brain mode” I’m thinking, well, at least this person from the 900s understands this.

If you talk about the details of the rabble it’s embarrassing for both people, you and them. That’s one reason perceptive people avoid it. There are serious problems that can be seen though. And it’s not a “matter of perception”- the rabble is in a fallen state.

The aim of life is not to be one of those, the aim of life is to help those ones. If you are one of them then you can’t help them, you can only live in denial that you are one, because you are incapable of being helped yourself.

Marx isn’t totally wrong about everything, you can use him to talk to these people. Do you ever see them state it as bluntly as I do? Proles are not what you want to be. There are certain characteristics of people like that, and it’s not anything flattering. That’s the point of Marx. It means something quite different when an elitist interprets him though.

How do I break it to them, how do I break it to them, Alfarabi?

Humanity has failed again and again, and I don’t have any illusions they will miraculously turn toward the light now.

It’s quite disturbing to define what the rabble is exactly, hence I’m dancing around the subject in this post. And part of what they are is that they aren’t going to change what they are when you tell them what they are.

Why are you here? I want to know. “Initiation” is not one monolith, and I only show you certain dimensions of it. Thing is, I deliberately choose the ones that are not allowed in the political order.

Do you want to know what inspired this post though? I heard this typical teenage slut talk, are you following me? All that can be seen there is a breeding-machine. That hyphenated term can explain the rabble better than most. They don’t exist for life, they exist to breed and reproduce. Breathe in and breathe out, THIS is the rabble. They do not exist for life. There is a “Kantian” dimension that is lacking.

There’s no easy way to talk about it, and I do my best to help them.

There are “eugenic” elements to all of this you know?

Only people who know Kant will follow this. There’s no intrinsic value to breeding with breeding-machines.

Breeding breeding-machines only breeds breeding-machines. Where is life?

Life is in higher-order thinking. I look for a “breeding-machine” capable of that, the best of both worlds, and where are those? They don’t seem to exist.

Hopefully you can follow these thoughts, otherwise you are destined to be rabble in the next life.

There is of course the other side of this too, the male version of the “slut”, which is someone who is a subordinate of the political order. Is that “eugenic”? I really have my doubts about that. No matter, I am speaking against the majority here so what good could it do? Rabble-sluts and rabble-subordinates versus one person. You mad I called you out? You only perpetuate your own slavery.

Dumpstersluts and political eunuchs, a match made in heaven. I expect your kid to be the “Übermensch” ahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

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