If Khamenei had Goldsmith children that would unequivocally mark Iran as a non-entity in the war against the Shylocracy. Despite that fact about the Pakistan PM, and Pakistan’s ties to the Taliban, I still feel like the latter is worth tracking to some extent until more obvious signs manifest themselves. This could go either way for instance

Several unnamed benefactors from Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar also make regular donations.

We can use Afghanistan for thought-experiments to understand a future sovereign patch of our own.

Honestly, if I were them, I would continue growing poppies. Can you blame them if they did? All of the “civilized liberal world” is not going to be doing business with them, so fuck it.

The less desperado strategy alongside that is to make a deal with China involving all this

You know they would be GONERS if this were the case

Hopefully they’re consulting their Iranian pals about banking.

I wouldn’t put it past China either to learn from “western” banking practices. About 1/5 of Africa’s debt is owed to China currently for instance. This could be a future “colony” of theirs – probably better than being a US-ZOG one for now though.

One question that should be asked is How fundamentalistic are they? I.e. are they able to be guided by someone like Averroes in ordering society? 40 million people, that’s a lot of souls they’re responsible for. Their extremism which got them there might also have its downsides.

Another thought- can you imagine the Taliban pulling something like this at the expense of their people?

They might pilfer this

(By the way, not a chance the House of Saud is the richest “royal family”.)

Then we can return to the initial question of, okay the Taliban controls Afghanistan, annnd who controls the Taliban? Because they could just be “appearances” that distract. The “Goldsmith” royal family wants an extra trillion for its dragon lair perhaps.

If this isn’t a psyop, this is a great sign at least

This is what should be done to all those who promote Brazilification in the US. Kill their families too, worthless people. Haha “just kidding”.

Wow, they’re living my dream!

Boohoo US marines are scary, we could never challenge them

According to the report, people in central positions in the Afghan military, police and investigative units were particularly at risk.

This sounds amazing

the Taliban were using secret national security documents to arrest former intelligence and security staff.

Arrest, behead, what’s the difference.

All I want for Christmaaaaas is a quarry full of severed NSA heads with frowns on their facessss.

Who can deny it?

This is just too funny

This MUST be a symptom though

Don’t get too distracted by the beautiful blood sprinklers

The real enemy of that entire region

Peace be upon him!

“You’ve gone over the edge at this point.”

Are you sure you’re not the crazy one, you’re probably a minion of the Demiurge.

No, that obviously would be reckless. It’s still fun to imagine though, isn’t it.

A truly sovereign patch having that threat in its possession, that’s what’s important.

Aww, babby’s first steps, isn’t that adorable!

Bennett is their new kike-in-chief by the way. Or at least their “face”.

If the Taliban cared about Islam they’d volunteer to be a de facto satellite-state of Iran, if you asked me.

Just thought-experiments. If I were the Taliban, these are the things I’d be thinking.

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