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No Rawls? No Deleuze? I just can’t take him seriously! pffhaahahHHAHAH!

Anyway, he began to spread his ideas in the late 30s, so it took about four decades, it didn’t happen overnight. This is the “Lenin” they don’t want you to know about, because he engineered a “revolution” with a definition that predates the French use of the term.

It was only about a year after their Revolution that the Iran-Iraq War began – and that lasted for eight years. With only having looked into it somewhat so far I speculate this is an extension of US-ZOG’s attempt to (indirectly) defuse it–a genealogy for another day.

Apparently he was a mystic from an early age, both a Neoplatonist Gnostic and Sufi rolled into one, and that shaped his views of government.

Something else that will need to be examined is how much Iran has departed from their “Washington’s” vision in the few decades since his death.

Already he seems so much better than all these Marxist revolutionaries we “coincidentally” know about in the west.

“I’m not an unthinking conformist, I swear!”

“Anon, when are you going to visit with your friends so we can laugh together at all the feminist failed women in your country?”

“They’re all Jewish shiksas and can’t even admit it? AHAHAHA!”

Anyway, show me a leader of a revolution from the 20th century, or even the past few centuries that was like this

From Plato’s Republic, as well as from the Shi’i figure of the Imam, derived the concept of the wise and virtuous leader who will guide his community to a better life.

I’ve linked to this post a few times now, and for good reason- while he did study Plato directly, his main influence was the particular Platonism of Alfarabi who was arguably somewhere between phase four and five. More on the phases of this cycle here.

You know I’m an obsessive person about these things and you can trust my judgment or not- Khomeini seems to have drawn from some of the best materials on government ever written in the history of the planet. He actually sent a letter to Gorbachev suggesting Alfarabi and a couple others as a better alternative to communist ideology.

Look at this conversation from 2004 involving one of the slimiest neocons

Wolfowitz calls Strauss the “Khamenei of the Neoconservatives” – you be the judge, was George W. Bush a philosopher king?

It’s funny how a Nazi like me knows what those other 9 texts are. Not like Strauss is the final authority on the 10 anyway.

“Isn’t it our favorite hubristic goy who we’ve doomed to a circle of hell!”

Quit blaming Bush and Biden for the failure in Afghanistan you puppet-people

So I dug up the old Soviet utopias the other day, and now-

Khomeini’s vision, as manifested not only in his mystic works but also in Islamic Government, which in certain respects recalls Plato’s Republic, falls in part within this tradition of Islamic utopias.

I’m a synthesizer, I like the idea of putting the two together. World theocracy where everyone is a family ruled by philosopher kings, and where technology is developed so we can spread to the solar system and beyond. The empty materialism and hedonism of Weimarica on the Moon? I don’t know about that one. “The best goyim must be killed” policy on the Moon? Ehh… If you goys are on board with that one you are hopeless. The Übermensch is an image of “Allah”. Humanity needs divine ideals to strive for or they’re no better than animals. I propose a new word for “Allah” or “God” in the new sovereign state. What that word will be can be determined at the appropriate time, all that I will say is that a new one which means something similar to the previous ones might be necessary. A new state, a new people, a new divinity.

Leave it to this person to figure out

Returning to Guenon for a second, it was his belief that the Hindus were the ones with the true ultimate knowledge, and he converted to Sufism because he thought that was more suitable for a westerner. I’d go even further and say Islam is not even suitable for westerners. We can learn from this “saint” Khomeini, that is all, I doubt we can or even should directly apply his ideas and actions to our present political conditions here.

You’ve read Lenin and not him- what are you, racist or something? Jew gotcher brain? The answer is “yes”, I’ll go ahead and say it for you.

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