There must be a dude or two who “knows”

They’ve been studying Alfarabi for over a thousand years. Meanwhile he’s only existed in the anglosphere for a handful of decades. Did he really write one of the top 10 books in the world for understanding humanity? I would say yes, some will disagree.

One obstacle- from my previous post, perhaps that Muslim in conversation with Wolfowitz wasn’t exaggerating when he agreed that Alfarabi is so dangerous he wrote in a hidden manner, and that nothing about that fact has changed in the current year?

He died in Damascus, so we can probably look on the Arabnet as well

One of the options of the Western Zionist Arab Front against the Syrian nation and elite was to assassinate scholars who support the Syrian government… Sheikh Al-Bouti was one of the most important authorities in the Islamic world.

They want to knock the brain out so no one can formulate a response to “Protestant Islam” quote unquote

Back to Iran though, this is from a recent International Farabi Festival

This Brit studies their windcatchers… maybe there are ways to sneak in…

“Are you trying to psyop me into wearing a hijab?” Never, you think I’d do that?

That’s their way of not being seen as an object- what do you care about that though?

Anyway, after the usual obnoxious digging I finally see this sort of thing

بررسی تطبیقی شهر خدای آگوستین و مدینه‌ی فاضله‌ فارابی

Is it just me or did you see this language as “terrorist language” until pretty recently?

I’ll shoot you with an AK-47!! That’s what that language used to look like to me, speaking of psyops.

Wut, this is only from 2012- this is one of the most prominent western scholars on the subject

“Dialogue” is extremely slow between us, for political reasons.

He could be a Nasr for all we know, i.e. reads western ideas heavily into Islamic thinkers.

Gah, whatever the strengths of Iran, their use of the internet is not one of them. Don’t make me resort to drawing from an English book on Alfarabi… In a word, I’m looking to accelerate the dialogue.

TFW you write the basis for the Constitution for the country that essentially stands alone against International Communism

This is one of five books of his translated into English, by my count. And I’m seeing some sources that say he authored over 200? And you know what, conspicuously, I haven’t seen in English of his? His thoughts on “you know what”.

Until I find those “most choice” writings, I’m guessing this book will clarify the truth and/or falsity of the propaganda we’ve been fed all our lives

And you can navigate around that site to find other books of this buried revolutionary. Too much unlocked material to sort through with this turn of the Rubik’s cube.

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