Finally, someone agrees with me about this extreme stance

The Ayatollah was…convinced that the central political theme of contemporary life was an elaborate and highly complex conspiracy by the Jews – ‘who controlled everything’

They’ve carried on the tradition- this is one of Khamenei’s advisors in a 2013 speech

Non-zogged Muslims are first-class citizens, what about that don’t you get! Why do you accept being a second-class citizen?

I know that they’re just mocking me with these pop-ups

You just have to laugh. Did baby get their feelings hurt? Was it something I said? Aww, it’s gonna be alright, poor baby.

I love to be a first-class citizen above you kikes. Scared of letting people hear my perspective on things? Don’t worry, at this point I don’t expect an ape to understand what’s humiliating about that.

Don’t mind me, just trying to teach impressionable teenagers about Esoteric Islam

the Jews are working to block the return of the Hidden Imam

Around 150 million people believe that? Wow. The Nazis only had a population of 65 million at the beginning of you know when. That sure is a lot of people who are either waiting for, or actively striving to bring about, someone to arise and murder you all and send you all to hell. You must have done something wrong if so many people want that. It couldn’t be because you’re a type of immoral nigger who happens to be good at exploiting capital which you use to spread decadence, no way.

I wonder what implications this would have

every true Sufi is a Shia

Better for westerners to be Buddhists if they’re going to be mystics, that way they’ll be peaceful toward evil people, right? People who erode the moral foundations of society really deserve peace, huh?

If you don’t give goblins like that peace you’re a third-class citizen, and if you do give them peace then you’re still a second-class citizen! People shouldn’t be content with those terms.

How tragic it would be if severed heads with apples in their mouths began to be found across the US. Oh the swine implication? That’s just my personal touch, it’s not necessary. So TRAGIC!

I like the sound of this better than any Buddhism I’ve studied

“I’m fine with being a second-class citizen because they make me FEEL like a first-class citizen!” And that’s all it is, a servant’s illusion.

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