If you’ve never tried lime juice, garlic powder, and finely minced cilantro in sour cream you don’t know what you’re missing. And I just made my own homemade salsa earlier, and it’s better than anything a Mexican is going to make. This is also how I approach living in the desert with these Muslims. MY neck is going to be a blood-sprinkler, right? It’s not like I plan to insult them anyway. Unless you want to live in the wilderness, you’re going to have to “keep your head down” in certain respects in any society you find yourself in, so it’s a matter of deciding which one is the lesser, or ideally, least evil of all. I’m not keeping my head down for kikes. I’m not exaggerating when I use that label for them. I’ve given you extensive documented evidence and reasoning for why I believe they are kikes. They’re not going to get that from me, and since I can’t live a normal life if that’s how I am, then I need to go somewhere else where they believe in a God that acknowledges they’re worthless kikes. I’ll happily “keep my head down” for such a God! That’s a political order that deserves respect, unlike ours. Sorry if you think I’m betraying you. I’m a believer in the “masks of god” theory- I see the Shi’ists as a sect of Catholicism. I’m not betraying you, you’re betraying where the holy spirit has manifested on earth in our historical situation. You have a smile on your face knowing you’re going to die a slave here? This is a demiurgic civilization. Like I said, while you can expect an empty life at least you can expect a luxurious one here, and that’s it. If it makes you happy to be a slave in a palace then I guess that’s who you are. I don’t even care if I die in some random war over there, it’s better than being willingly beholden to the demiurge here. Anyone who stands up against these Satanists are “my people”. Many seem to be confused about that. These subservient white niggers here are not “my people”. So it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get over there and not find myself living in a back alley or something like that. A nice place for school, where they teach kids about the planetary kike problem, and I can show them how to be more philosophical outside of Islam on the side. Sounds infinitely better than what I can expect here. Every place has an “Islam” and some Islams are closer to God than others. White nigger sellouts are “my people”? ahahaha don’t make me laugh.

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