Putin and Xi? They can’t be described this way

He doesn’t hide it, they have to hide it. Pretty sad on their parts.

I see this in an article that, to a bloodthirstily-cringe extent, wants Khamenei to be the next Gaddafi.

So, I’m a “formalist”, everyone knows that, Yarvin and Strauss are decent guys as long as you treat them with suspicion only awareness of the Talmud could bring. With that said, I think it’s important to apply formalism to Iran. Because I really doubt this old man Khamenei is in control of things.

You have to be ever-vigilant with this.

Remember that this is the ideal of the orcs

Are those McDonald’s colors, ah never mind, just rabble ideology.

Iran is the stronghold of aristocracy of the planet. Do I think they have the mind of Germans? No. Are they the closest living representative? It seems to be the case.

Knowing that Mammonites “mine” this page to bolster Jewish power, I do hesitate to mention certain things. There’s probably some kind of secret counsel in Iran, and whether it’s corrupted is an open question. Wait for the old man to die off, then there will be a smooth shift in the belief-system. This is what the demiurge minions would plan for.

The US is too proud to accept advice about its election, and Iran probably isn’t too different. This is simply a plausible scenario I suspect to manifest if the proper steps of precaution are not taken.

Do you like how I’m the lone voice in the west saying any of this? Your brain is “challenged” if you were born in the west. That’s what they want from Iranians too. They want them stupid and speaking gibberish just like the Americans.

No, dear Iranian reading this, your intuition that Americans speak “pure gibberish” is absolutely correct.

Some people play video games, others care about the world and want to understand it in a Realpolitik sense. Who is beyond the face of Khamenei? Have they been bribed? Have the satellites “gotten them”? These are important questions to ask when you yourself are not a patsy white nigger. Is that you? Or are you a white nigger? In most cases I can guess. You’re not someone I’d invite to my underground base in an Iranian desert in the future.

“They control us!!” No, they control you. I’m in the United States as you read this post, and would you say I respect their demands of me? So shut your mouth and stop acting like a nigger if you care about anything besides your own simple life. Admit it. At least you can be a mealy-mouthed little bitch on occasion, that’s the best option for you, and even then you will be a societal exile. So what’s your problem with moving to the Middle East?

These are the early stages of figuring this out, we were all psyopped by 9/11 and all the rest. The reality is that flying planes into buildings is one of the best ideas anyone thought of, and they should figure out how to do that on 1000 buildings at once in ONE COORDINATED STRIKE. Whoops, you’re not supposed to have outbursts like that as an American I guess.

For now I present a gift to you, outside of all the brainwashing inflicted upon us over the years, and that seems to be… the country of Iran.

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