Secretly turns, cough cough

I can’t be the only one who finds this hilarious? All that is rare for the rare, and all that.

Eh, looking at a description for a 2021 book on neech I just want to whack the top of my head with a hammer with my eyes crossed and tongue out. So many people ruin what “philosophy” is. Don’t talk about him, don’t talk about it, just mind your own business somewhere else please.

That’s really the first step of Socratism, to expose the corruption of what goes for “philosophy”.

I’d like to see one scholar confess that everything neech said about scholars is true. You’re never going to see it.

I know some scholars have gotten well-acquainted with “me and my usual shit” and I’ve made them burn in hell for it, and I know it.

You want to know how everything secretly turns around Socrates? I doubt you want to know that.

Witness the alchemical transformation! They turn into a gibbering excuse-machine.

So get lost, mind your own business, and keep the word philosophy out of your mouth.

No, there’s seriously something sick about all of this. The neo-theologian caste appropriates the word and defines it as something that conveniently preserves the stability of the present order. It IS supposed to be something emancipatory. They remove that function it’s supposed to have.

Yeah dude it’s perfectly fine that when you go to virtually any library with a “Philosophy” sign above a shelf, it’s all theology and none of those theology books say that they’re theology, just perfectly fine, no cause for alarm.

“That’s extreme cynicism!” Okay, there are probably some on the shelf that aren’t theology, problem is they’ll be interpreted through some crypto-theologian’s ideas.

This is a subject that warrants extreme cynicism. If you don’t have these reservations then I doubt you properly perceive the degree to which humanity is fallen.

People don’t have a “monk’s approach” to this, they usually get into it for thinly veiled “business” reasons. It reminds me of a tobacco executive or something- except scholars have an air about them that they’re “the wise ones”. No, you’re a businessman. It’s okay, no one’s watching you read this, you can admit it to yourself without anyone knowing.

“My self-perception depends on me not admitting it though!” You cheapen one of the noblest things on earth and you probably feel no shame about it. Whatever gets you easy smiles from the professional caste which is just as fraudulent as you. You give them easy smiles too. All part of the trade. “Don’t throw me in a dumpster like this, what are you doing to me?”

Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? I’m probably one of the only ones.

Why do you do this to yourself?

Just admit you’re a cog of the state and walk away, that’s all you need to do.

You’re not going to have a good day if you admit that, so I doubt you will.

“Why wake up in the morning if that’s the truth? Where’s the meaning of that if that’s the truth?” That’s exactly right, there is no meaning in it.

One of your fellow businessmen can soothe you that there is. I’m sure you always find a way to carry on.

Cheapening noble things? Hey, somebody’s got to do it.

Don’t feel so personally accused that you’re distracted from the fact that this is a real problem. We can’t be happy with that, can we? If there’s any justice in the world that should stop happening, no?

In all likelihood it will not stop happening, so perhaps there is no justice in the world.

Theologians and their priestcraft redefining emancipatory concepts for status and business reasons, gotta love it. Hopefully you can do something cool with it, like install an air hockey table in your basement or something, what ever is worth it to you. Sounds like a good trade, to sacrifice philosophy so you can be smiled upon by the state. There’s no “dirty dealin” involved in that at all. Look at this scam-artist we picked up by the nape of their neck here, watch them squirm around and not look you in the eye. Toss em back into “the world” where you found em. They’ll brush themselves off and forget it ever happened.

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