Across the sea they’ve put together lots of anthologies of the Baron’s writings, when a certain theme is scattered in different texts

che gli scritti presentati in questa silloge consentono al lettore di comprendere come l’antiamericanismo evoliano si sia sviluppato su un piano assai diverso da quello espresso dalla Sinistra

It’s definitely not just Italians

On the one hand, the Anglo-Saxon, notably American, bearer of a clear spiritual entropy that no one is able to recognize anymore. On the other hand, that of a voluntary enslavement of Italy to a mentality that does not belong to it. 

These writings are from the years 1930-1968 and this reviewer claims they speak to the present day.

I zoom-out in reflection for a second and realize most of what I write about is on the theory of war, war and its effects. And like I’ve said before, I know of no book about this.

Anyway, interesting distinction here to apply to “the rise of China”

the former Soviet Union was judged by the great philosopher of Tradition to be dangerous only on the material level, while the USA also on the spiritual one since they were able to impose themselves in the “domain of ordinary life”. 

Imagine being born in this place, couldn’t be me!

the main enemy, on a political and geopolitical level, is the United States of America

How could people help it when they were born here? THEY are the main enemy. They can’t fight it when they’ve lived here all their life. You opened your eyes one day and you were at the heart of an evil empire.

This seems pretty accurate

those who know this nation more sensibly identify it as the basis of the philosophical-literary movement known as American Transcendentalism; that of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, so to speak. That is to say, the only indigenous intellectual expression ever produced by the United States, by virtue of its English and Protestant soul, which century after century has been erased by the black immigrant.

That’s the dark side to imperial Americanism, that the jungle savage is exported. I don’t think Evola would’ve been too concerned if it was Emersonism that defined America. A totally forgotten writer, it’s sad.

Watch some traditional African tribal dances and you’ll get the idea

Sorry if I’m not a “sensitive person” or something, just telling you what I perceive. The “African spirit” is hidden by modern appearances. And US whites take on that spirit, and you don’t see it unless you know to look. If you want to live in a jungle that’s on you, as for myself I sympathize with Evola’s perspective.

Let’s not be distracted here though- it is the Saxon’s spirit of leveling which is truly something evil. Without the Saxon foundation there would be no place for the jungle savages.

“We don’t talk that way here!” Yes, you’re a spiritual Saxon. You don’t talk that way, and as a consequence you turn into a savage. That’s a sacrifice only fundamentally deluded people are willing to make in my opinion. “You talk to me like I’m my own kind of savage.” Yup…

Thus, “Americanism” is a certain kind of double-punch. Step one- be a Saxon, and step two follows from that- be a savage. Thus it seems to follow there is already something savage inherent to the Saxon.



War and its effects

Heh good luck

Evola’s wish was to bring America back to “its provincial rank”.

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