This is the standard way of going about this subject on the English internet

It’s always put in a prog frame. These kinds of people never have a suspicious thought in their head about Hollywood. “They need to be more like Hollywood.” Uhh no thank you? By the way, update on the movie theater in my city- the posters are getting yellowed and frayed! I love it. The same crap from who knows, how many months now. The posters are all faded. Someone who looks at it like that I’d like to find writing a book about Iranian cinema.

Imagine seeing this description for a four volume work on Hollywood, even though Hollywood deserves it a hundred times over

A struggle over cinema, media, culture, and, ultimately, the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, emerged and intensified.

The legitimacy of the capital of Clown World. No, I know of no such book.

Look, I love movies, and I just want to find some good ones to watch. And this is the kind of stuff I have to sort through to find them. A bunch of red alarms going off, multiple scholarly texts that talk about negative things about Iran’s cinema.

This one is considered the English-language standard on the subject

Hamid Dabashi explains how, despite the censorship of both the Pahlavi monarchy and the Islamic Republic, the creativity of these filmmakers has transcended national and cultural borders.

Ah, so… let’s be precise here- it depicts the Jew-Saxon everyperson? If they censor depictions of that sorry type of human being then good for them.

I promise I’m not a curmudgeon all the time, I can switch it off whenever I want, I swear I swear.

Anyway, the other side of this problem is that on the Farsinet you will never find readable books, it’s always like an article, and those are really good usually. I emphasize that there would be a revolution in consciousness if every country made its books in insta-translatable format online. Chop chop, please.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see Esoteric Islam depicted in film? The hidden Imam returning and sending all the demons to hell? That must exist somewhere. English-speakers are going to write books praising movies where they’re sent to hell? The concept of the hijab alone puts western women so on edge. It’s a symbol of difference between men and women, which they simply cannot have. It would probably pain them to watch movies with women wearing those. That would probably bring out their internal Rumsfeld. “Drone em all!!!” Feminist equalism is truly a way the west lives in illusion. “You threaten my illusion? I’ll have you bombed!”

I wonder if I’ve led to anyone converting Islam at this point. I think of it in terms of old old migration history. When we all left Africa we evolved from apes, the Europeans and Asians went separate ways and adopted more of a liberal-minded attitude (blood) than those who stayed put in the Middle East, and now the latter people are more grounded in certain respects. Who needs “revolution” when you already have the right idea of reality? Remember, they don’t see Muhammad as an innovator. They preserved the perennial wisdom while the hyper-liberals to their east and west have been ensnared in “Enlightenment” illusions. Wow, you’re alienated from our society for not believing in THOSE, what a loss. Really sounds like people I want to be around anyway, delusion cultists.

Knowing the right questions to ask, that’s a start- امام پنهان در سینمای ایران

THAT would be the Antichrist to the west. So obviously it will be dealt with through biased lenses.

“Mann I feel like a Muslim when you talk like this, can you just shut up.” What’s so scary about it? Is that the Jew in you that’s scared or is it you?

Why does no one talk in the free way that I do? Such servile people in the west.

When you serve Allah you do not serve the west, you do not serve merchants who hate you, you serve a god.

“We lost him, he’s gone over the edge.” How am I wrong here?? There are plenty of Platonistic/rationalistic ways of interpreting Islam, and in fact that’s just what many Sufis do. Buddhist mysticism, perfectly kosher. Islamic mysticism, sound the alarms, release the hounds, call the feds. Nothing conspicuous about that.

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