“Imam Evola” haha. That wouldn’t be a bad daily pattern like I did today- meditate on the meaning of a Greek, meditate on the meaning of a German, meditate on the meaning of an Italian, meditate on the meaning of Islam. Good for your brain, and bad for living in this society. I really wonder what’s going to happen in the next decades of my life after dealing with these radioactive materials without a hazmat suit. I can dismiss it as fate now, until I find myself in a torturous place, and I’ll be like damn, that was a mistake. What else are you going to do in this life? Go to the Bahamas? Even that would be meaningless if you couldn’t speak candidly like I do. I know I wouldn’t want to be the little cunt feds that have been keeping tabs on me for years. It takes a very special person to be a rabbi’s sock.

There must be some kind of high-octane form of enjoyment outside of the exuberance of sovereignty.

Something like this maybe

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Taking part in an actual coup. Keep dreaming.

Most of the options are pretty drab if you ask me. Start your own academy, and it would have to be Grifter University. Don’t people care about any of this? How are they so easily contented? I’ve already dropped a series of nukes on America and now there’s not much left for me to be entertained with.

I guess if you pushed me to say, I think it’s theoretically possible to vanguard the next stage of the dialectic. The problem is it’s still too early to see the outlines of it. All I know is that it’s there. And please stop kidding yourself, okay? If you cannot incorporate my side of the debate then you are unable to attain to higher syntheses. And I’ve seen virtually no one has done that. All anyone can do is cling to the state-approved dogmas. You’re not in a place to be able to fathom the next turn of the spiral. Whatever, I’ve tried to give you my clasped hands as a springboard to step on and you’ve been too afraid to be vulnerable to the elements you’d experience up there. It could’ve been an exciting journey, now I’m left to figure the next stage out for myself. Just a bunch of lobotomites repeating over and over white people bad, savages good, and never mentioning our secular Talmudists. That’s called years, or perhaps even an entire lifetime, of “being in a slump”. The ongoing evolution of knowledge is not meant for you apparently. For some it is, and they can fathom through the fog somewhat while choosing to live a quiet life, and even then they’re imprisoned by their silences. True knowledge can only be “unlocked” when it is spoken aloud to another person. If you only read it or you only think it then you’re going to be behind.

It’s all so stupid, I don’t want a wingsuit, that’s trivial. I want to wear one of those on the level of ideas. Amphetamines, entheogens, a group of like-minded political occultists, this is how you do this.

This kind of thing only gets you so far

My intention is to escape the human altogether. There are indeed ways to do that.

Our surveillance-state is a roadblock for now.

Those are just the conditions we have in our historical situation.

They obviously do not like knowledge being unlocked. Their hostility to that is an unmistakable phenomenon. They hate the idea of an egregore being created by a group even more. I don’t know of one in any contemporary sense. Maybe Elista’s forum, and even that is so preliminary- it’s possible to go far beyond that. Hopefully people who aren’t on “lists” can gather together and do that and publish their collective thought-form anonymously. Even then though, if you’re not on a list I wonder if you’re one to take part in such a group. You have to be absolutely free from the state and sovereign unto yourself.

Really, we should have institutions that would facilitate this. The west is still in a larval phase of development, and it will probably die that way. Stop believing it’s the end of history, because we are still in a primitive society. The evolution of knowledge is not something people are concerned with. 99% and more are concerned with suppressing the evolution of knowledge. Anyway, just some thoughts on utopia.

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