Yes… the wind I feel from my window. It is the sublime. It is a hurricane approaching. Hello Henri, that is a fitting name for someone divine. Do you have something to tell us?

Anomalies in the weather prompt one to rethink things in a new way. I haven’t felt wind like this for quite a while, we will see what happens here.

There is a connection between sublimity and mysticism. And a hurricane is sublime. Do YOU want to be in the eye of a hurricane? What would your thoughts be if you found yourself in such a situation?

Twisters carrying up houses. This is something supernatural. Unless it happens to you. I don’t know what this wind portends. Its dynamism reminds me of the nature of the divine. I’ve noted ten or so times now that Zeus was linked with clouds, that was part of what defined him- weather. Eh I like the breeze. What will follow? Just so you know, geographically I have “shields” we’ll say between me and these kinds of storms. The last hurricane put the shield in disorder, moved huge boulders around, and it was still a memorable storm. Alright, I’ll say that like the Tibetans I live surrounded by mountains. You can’t do much Henri, sorry. I’d like to see you try.

“You do not anthropomorphize hurricanes in society.” Yes I do.

I feel a more MPH wind now.. You can try your best. The mountains will destroy you.

“I think I’m on a schizophrenic person’s site when they address hurricanes as people.” Just watch, the “Being” of nature is found in the soil, stones, air, animals, humans. When I talk to a sublime storm I am telling it to veer toward the ocean.

The breeze I feel, and I look at it and I say “You will not.” This is how you address weather.

I can already tell this hurricane knows its place. Such a sublime hierophany in reality and you need to sit on a therapist’s couch. Tell me, why did you decide to be a hurricane?

It’s angry now. I’m reading the signs of the weather here.

Show me, a society that is destroyed by a hurricane. Destroying is good, right? Aren’t you a smart hurricane.

“I identify with hurricanes acually” – Instead of the humans?

What a sad cyclone of chaos. Are you happy with yourself?

“I prefer people on TV to read the weather.” You do? That’s a false sense of security.

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