A taste of the sublime at last. A disturbance in the mundane. When there’s a hurricane or something like that on the horizon do you think it awakens an ancestral memory of this sort of thing?

In this light, leftists seem like “natural disasters”.

One ancient commentator on Aristotle said wisdom began from natural cataclysms. The ones in the plains were engulfed while those in the mountains survived, and the ones who figured out how to survive in these new conditions were called “wise”. The ancients tended to believe there was a cycle to these natural disasters that wiped civilization out, sometimes across intervals of thousands of years. And to think they’re removing Aristotle from the curriculum now- destroying the knowledge of the cycles. Leftism has about the same sentience of a cyclone too, spiraling on an inexorable path toward primitivism. The Jew as Mt. Vesuvius. Okay, I’ll stop.

Hopefully you find a safe place to watch from

What it’s like looking at people who were leveled into third-worlders

Ironically the named text here is a lost dialogue

The “proverbs” of Choinski and Lutostansky virtually didn’t survive at all. I doubt the various racist aristocrats I tend to draw from will survive in the United States of Brazil either.

Books don’t need to be destroyed in a “wildfire”. If the people who could understand those books are destroyed instead the books might as well have been destroyed. Hopefully I’ve demonstrated that is already the case at present with a few German thinkers- next to no one knows how to interpret them. It’s already happening, we’ve been living in a hurricane. You might not have noticed because there’s a good chance you’re part of the hurricane yourself.

It’s pretty eerie that the king of the leftists, Badiou, openly stated that the Chinese have no history of philosophy. Thinking of the highest order is not going to survive with them.

What do you think I’m ranting about on here all the time? It hasn’t even survived among whites. A “great deluge” already wiped out the ones that would understand it.

That feeling I had yesterday when I felt the abnormal breezes from my window, that taste of the sublime- everyone should be in “there’s a hurricane on the horizon!” mode about the trajectory of our current civilization.

Another synchronicity I happen upon

Aside from the prodigious quantity of snow it deposited on the American East Coast, one of the most notable stories about the recent Winter Storm Jonas was that meteorologists had been able to predict it early and accurately.

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