I was going to flip through Badiou’s What is Philosophy? then I thought, Why should I bother reading this Maoist?

Ardakani has been one of the most controversial thinkers in the years after the Islamic Revolution of Iran and is sometimes referred to as the “philosopher of the Islamic Republic”.

He’s 88 years old, wrote his dissertation on Alfarabi, well-versed in Heidegger, and is a Popper-disrespecter. I’ve posted about him before. Let’s see what else we can find out about his thought.

This is a great sign

He is very strict in using the title of philosopher for others and distinguishes between the genius, the scholar, the commentator, the researcher and the philosopher who is the last stage; Therefore, in his opinion, there are few real philosophers.

Sad to think that even a creative freespirit like Sloterdijk is only a cog of the state. Do you want Geburah or not? This is very obvious to me, that western “philosophers” have a serious case of “chained brain”. Sloterdijk is one of the few exceptional geniuses at least.

Aside from one book in Russian it looks like the only language he’s been translated into is Arabic. And he’s thee philosopher of “the enemy empire”? Surprise surprise.

Just at a brief glance he seems like so much less of a patsy than that Schuonian expat Nasr.

Note the cohesion between this post and my previous post- Iran is a potential mountain on which people withstood the great deluge.

You ever read Sloterdijk? It’s not a light statement to say that even the most creative thinkers here are servants. And Ardakani does not seem beholden to our enforced belief-system whatsoever.

This is how they see him over there at least

It’s such a joke that people like him are kept obscure to us over here. So much for “diversity”.

From 2018

the book “Farabi, the founder of Islamic philosophy” written by Dr. Davari Ardakani – which has not yet been studied in relation to the views of Henry Corbin and Strauss 

See how slow these “dialogues” are?

Corbin and Strauss, the predominant interpreters of Islamic religion and Islamic political philosophy, respectively, in the west. This is galaxy brain diplomacy I’m trying to do, it’s not easy.

Piecing together what is accessible on the internet

His successors) and… is one of the works of domination of the spirit of Orientalism.

This is really cool- can’t say this about the Chinese

As you know, Greek philosophy outside of Europe has been considered only in the Iranian-Islamic world, and with this attention, a philosophy has been established that in its thousand-year history, while belonging to the teachings of Greek masters, has devised another plan.

And Khomeini structured Iran’s government in part based on this “other plan”.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some News- this is from an article posted a few minutes ago

Given that 20 years of chaos and instability in Afghanistan has revealed Washington’s abject failure in resolving disputes, it is worthwhile to view American diplomacy towards Iran.

How about we consult their galaxy brains for once?? No, that would be utopic thinking, and we couldn’t have that.

Iran isn’t submerged like Atlantis, our overlords just want that to virtually be the case, and they achieve that end through propaganda

the great philosophers of the Islamic world, had different views on God and beings and politics than Aristotle… [they] gave another meaning and status to existence, nature, and concepts of substance, breadth, cause, and causality, and even the four kinds of cause, moral virtues, and civil policy.

Remember that day I was thinking about ordering some books from a Persian publishing house and instead of a credit card entry-form like you find on Amazon there was simply a phone number? These are the difficulties we have. Fortunately there’s some material to be found online

These differences, and especially the difference between the city of Farabi and the cities of Plato and Aristotle, have not yet been properly understood.

Trusting Corbinians and Straussians about these subjects… eh I’d rather not. They’re one with the deluge as far as we know.

There are certain steps and a certain language to know to connect you with an unsubmerged Atlantis – ask them about ZOG

I like this Ardakani fellow

من که خود را گهگاه در زمره ارسطوییان می‌بینم به پیروی از استاد معتقدم که جهان کنونی بیش از هر چیز به کیمیای نایاب دوستی نیاز دارد والسلام

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