Ardakani is on the editing-board of this

I know of nothing like this in China. While Russia does have “American Studies“, it isn’t explicitly critical like the above seems to be.

168 articles.

Only 15% of the ones submitted are accepted. Do you think you’re able to write a critique of the west that they’d accept. Talk about a mind-bending challenge for a lot of people here! I bet you couldn’t do it. “The oppressive patriarchy!!” Honey, you’re so cute. I’d say you’re similar to one of the female geniuses of history if I could think of one.

Ughhh I fantasize about being over there and telling them about my experience in this Truman Show gulag. I say things that wouldn’t make them blink, and when you say them here they want the worst possible things for you.

Ending the Fed? They ended the Fed

They’re decades ahead of us in understanding what that’s like.

And once the plutocracy is abolished we have to rethink everything else from the ground up too

They want us all to believe that you will get your head chopped off for talking about this sort of thing over there- that is not the case

Fascist Italy is alive and well and working on getting some nukes! And I’d like to volunteer my services.

Look at all these. Every single one of them would probably appreciate a tasteful joke about how fallen the Jewish US is

That’s not even half of the ones listed for this journal. Here, look. I feel like I’m alone in this interest. Sorry I have a spine, unlike every last American.

Wow, over there you can write about this without mincing words?

Look at this

You’d have to be either crazy or depraved to not be interested in this.

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