Some advice from an article involving Ardakani

I learned a lot from the films of Kiarostami and Morteza Avini and with them I gained a different understanding of Dryer and Bresson. I understood the concept of frame through Iranian miniatures. I learned the concept of plan-sequence from Behzad’s paintings.

In the end, he stated that moving in this direction has de-Westernized him

So many people here DESPERATELY need exactly that, and unfortunately they’re so far gone they’ll never understand that they do. Totally failed human beings, and it’s not their fault, they’re products of their political environment. Hopefully they will look for ways to “de-Westernize” themselves.

Total pussies, trash hookers, white niggers, they’re everywhere, and if you don’t see that then sorry to tell you that you’re one of them. I’m never going to see it as normal. This is a society that’s reached the lowest of the low. Hopefully you find a way out, and I try to suggest some ideas on how to go about that.

From the Farsinet- how does it feel being an American?

the first victims of this evil Jewish movement were in the West, America and then Europe and then the rest of the world.

There’s no saving them, they’re done for. There’s no point in trying to help them, it’s time to pack up. Better to use one’s energies on a people that’s not already in a fail-state. And looking at Syria after a decade of civil war, it seems Iran is the only country left standing. And don’t try to fool yourself about Russia either- I’ve shown you what their banned books list looks like. They are KIKED.

Ah, what is this now, another jewel in the desert?

To study this evil phenomenon, the Besat Institute for Strategic Studies, which has a history of in-depth research on Zionism and Judaism in the country, and is the only research institute in this field,

I’m done pretending you depraved animals are normal. Niggerification of society. You belong in a jungle or shot in the head for cowardice. Failed human beings living among wreckage and acting like it’s high civilization. It’s only a matter of how to get over there, that’s it, you’re done. I’m not dying a slave here like you, only a retard would do that. The albino niggers have no hope. I’ll take a canoe from Alaska to Russia if I have to.

I’ll take a break and start a fire to heat up a kebab on one of these islands

Knowing I’ll never set foot on this Satanic country ever again would be so liberating.

You’re all a bunch of frauds and you know it, and you might as well be in cahoots with the demons too. Only a corrupt person would settle for living in a country of people like that.

“Watch me deny it and make up excuses!” Do it you spiritual kike. Nigger-kike hybrid. Have gratitude for your masters for making you into this humiliating subhuman.

Sometimes these Iranians cite Neech and Guenon too as the ones who knew what was going on, and how no one listened. You’ve been warned.

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