Yeah that Buddhism sect doesn’t have the proper meditation technique so I’m always going off on them, given they have so much political power. You can tell by the way they act they don’t have the right meditation technique, that Buddhist sect.

Did I really stare down and threaten a hurricane yesterday? And unironically? Not insane asylum behavior at all, just forget about it.

You jump from the first concept here to the second and you realize they’re both natural forces that aren’t going to be controlled.

I am one of those people who believes in the cliche that everything happens for a reason. Marshaling the people of the west is a futility, and you have to actually try to do that in order to confirm its truth. And it is confirmed. Thus it was necessary for me to realize I need to go somewhere else.

The Iranians stare down Mt. Vejewvius and it isn’t just a weather shaman doing a dance to ward off a storm, it’s effective.

Everyone has those they’ve been influenced by, and I am an accelerationist. I’ve been pushing logics as rapidly as possible for 7 years give or take, and this is what I’ve surmised. I see it as “the final redpill” as things stand now.

All the unfolding of the logic, and in a way that I must emphasize for future adventurers involved lots of suffering and interlocked Promethean challenging of the gods, was necessary to realize that the Americans were a chrysalis phase of the development.

And I now live between two worlds. And I don’t like it here, this is just where I am, in a kind of theological-political limbo until I figure out how to philosophize in the middle east. “CHY-NUH!” KAW-MIE! That’s the easy way, you haven’t pushed the logic far enough. You’re choosing the lesser Satan over the great Satan. Are certain Islamic countries perfect? Not at all. They remind me of the Ancien Régime before the rabble revolutions, that is all. And that cannot be said of the US or China. Whoa, you’re reading this in English? Are you sure you’re not a rabble revolutionary yourself?

It was all necessary to realize this. They might as well relocate the Vatican in Iran in my opinion. Turbans aren’t a concern of mine, it’s the spirit of the people. Do they have a rabble? Of course. They’re rabble is better than the west’s rabble. This is not debatable, I’m sorry to tell you. Keep denying it, I’m sure you will. I only suggest you look into the matter yourself.

This seems like the next challenge of the cognitive dialectic. How to synthesize the ice brain with the desert brain. You might think it’s easy, and that’s only surface-appearances you’re probably thinking of. Suits and turbans shaking hands. No, there are more dangerous realities hidden there. One thing you should try to accept is that both Islam and Progressivism are “ultra-conservative”. Any innovation they’re going to be hostile toward. Islam seems like it has an advantage in learning from my style of innovation. The progs have no chance, they’re total niggers, literally. It took a lot of mental energy to realize that about them. Just look at them, say “It’s a nigger”, and walk away. And where to walk? That’s the next question. To tell you the truth I’m in a “Study Center” by myself so it’s taking more time than it otherwise would to figure that out. I’ve isolated various institutions for you already if you are on a similar occult frequency. Remember the lady from the west who studies their windcatchers? It might be wise to start with something innocent like that and move on from there. This isn’t going to be easy, history isn’t at its end, we’re living in history, and when they talk to a white person over there they will probably be paranoid about various things, including if you are a spy. You can figure that out on your own. What I know is that I’m pretty much done with the English-speaking world in general so you’ll have to learn to think dangerously for yourself.

This is a real challenge. I can see the possible way thought could evolve at the present time in the history of our planet, and it’s difficult figuring out how to create a synthesis because of political reasons, sanctions, all that. If you are a turbaned one who understands this you’re probably in a similar place. I know how to coordinate a mind above the kikes and their minions, do you know how to coordinate that coordination? “Ice age people want to help our cause” – yes.

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