So even if they install a puppet don’t plan on being the mouthpiece of the protesters

I doubt you’re going to find a proper “tour guide” for Iran, so I’m trying to figure out the precise details on what gets you in trouble there.

The EU countries have punished Iran for executing this journalist. Meanwhile, not a peep from them when Israelis killed their scientists.

This is the only country I could see myself being an “informant” for. I.e. if I detected activities of members of a fifth column I’d inform an authority figure. That’s just a spiritual Jew to me, I don’t care, they can hang them. Wow, imagine how many Americans I wouldn’t mind dying based on that criterion alone!

I’m using the books that are banned there as symptoms of what isn’t allowed in general. They use an automatic program that deletes or substitutes specific words.

Another forbidden word is “Israel”. The book “The Birth of Israel” by Sadeh Zibakalam, a well-known scientist and political commentator in Tehran, was not allowed to be published by the Ministry of Culture, as “it contradicted the official view of the” Zionist regime.”

I don’t think they’re as strict as they want us to believe. There are up to 1 million Christians living there and 600 churches. Personally I’d be fine going to a Mosque instead anyway. Christianity has failed the west.

Like you wouldn’t have the exact policy in a lunar state

Meanwhile, I could probably publish a book there titled No Jews on the Moon. Hahahaha!

Let’s keep in mind the possible viability of countries on the periphery of Iran too

In Tajikistan, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini is recognized as a historical figure and a great scholar and theologian… In 2008 in Russia the famous “Testament” of Ayatollah Khomeini was officially recognized as extremist literature by the decision of the Gorodishchensky Court 

Eh, not a problem

They see it as imitating western values. Probably will have to deal with arbitrary-seeming rules like this. I just plan on being absolutely humble the first few years until I get a clear idea of what’s expected. Who knows, they’ll probably see me as a dog.

That’s unfortunate

a great relief when you turn from a crowded square, where a skull in the colors of the flag of Israel hangs, and find yourself in a cozy colorful cafe or intimate bookstore. Subsequently, it turned out that there are hundreds of such places – galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants, where a completely different life takes place.

Instead of trying to figure out how to be free the faux-rebels of the west hate you for telling them how unfree they are.

You can click around here to see the types of books they ban.

This is the kind of thing I can see myself being kind of reluctant about

Khamenei’s supposed crimes are detailed in here for instance. Even if I see problems with their government I won’t really care because they’re the enemy of my enemy so they must be doing something right overall. Being silent about my critical thoughts will have to be something I tolerate.

While all this seems like a difficult decision (to say the least) it seems like one of the only decisions with integrity possible. You can live a normal life there and not have to bow to the slavemasters here.

Note again that Algerian girl I found writing about the sorts of things you can’t here. Egypt is also an option. Iran just seems to be the least susceptible to corruption that I’ve studied. It’s seen as the “heart of evil” here for a reason. Like Milton’s Satan, they will not serve.

This is so extensive, and “who care”

The list of Iranian books on the critique of Islam includes the names of the writings of dissident Iranians on the critique of Islam.

It doesn’t matter if they’re holding out against the international communists. You’re seriously confused if you direct your critical faculties against this fortress rather than “them”. I know this falls on deaf ears in the west where everyone is a regime-loyalist on one level or another. Probably a sound strategy would be to rarely speak of Islam at all, and only of Judaism, Christianity, and their cladistic secular offshoots.

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