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Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that 60% of his country’s wealth is controlled by only 300 people in Iran.

I’m on the Arabnet looking for dirt on these Persians. You’d be surprised how much fellow Muslims can hate each other.

How many of these 300 have been “bought” by foreign interests? The ayatollah is getting old, and they could easily pull off some kind of subtle coup if they’ve been flipped over the years.

See the kind of things you’ll see Arabs talking about?

The information, announced by the US embassy in Baghdad, which talked about a fortune owned by Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran, may not be accurate in terms of the value of this wealth, in addition to the fact that it is difficult for any party in the world to give a specific number for such wealth in general, because it enters the paths of Back roads and black lanes not only on the plaza of its looters, but on the world stage.

They accuse Khamenei and his followers of having “stolen an entire country”. So, this is similar to what you see Taiwanese saying about the Chinese princelings. They think the 200 billion he’s alleged to have is an under-estimate and doesn’t take into account his secret stash or the holdings of his relatives. See, this is the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t mention at all if I were in Iran. Hopefully he signs it away to the people in his will. That sounds like something human nature would do, right? Who knows, it’s probably another blood dynasty.

You ever look at the square miles of Qatar? About that of Connecticut. And Iran’s is close enough to Saudi Arabia’s so use your imagination. Gives you a different idea of “siphoning gas”.

I’m not even going to bother googling this stuff when I’m there

For now, wouldn’t you like to know about the “inside” of seemingly one of the only sovereign states on the planet? Some Arabs claim وحید حقانیان controls Khamenei, that he’s the “man in the shadows”, and others believe he’s simply his right-hand man.

I just suspect they’ve spent decades plotting about regime-change after Khamenei is out of the picture. And there would be no reason to move there if it were another puppet empire. Watch, it’ll start being super zogged within the first year I’m living there. Why am I the only one who cares about this so much? I hate being controlled by people I don’t respect. You’re fine with that? Okay.

These general questions extend beyond the borders of Iran too

82 years old. His death will be a very sensitive situation for all those in the world opposed to the Shylocracy.

Sometimes I take a step back and reflect how hostile people here are to criticizing our commie ruling-caste. You people are crazy. You can’t play fair at all either. Hopefully I will amuse the Iranians with some anecdotes of mine. I know without a doubt I understand “the Great Satan” with more acuity than any of them, and that’s not a pleasant fact. I know the US as well as they know the Quran. Unfortunately.

Hey, I’m not going to ask questions about this, nor about who inherits it

Notice there’s a similar dynamic in the west… So don’t act like the Iranians are uniquely backwards for this. In one place you can criticize ours, and it’s not here. If he’s able to oppose them I’m not really going to fault him for Machiavellianism.

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