I google contemporary Tocquevillians and anti-Americanism to add to our collection and some Quebecois perspectives turn up

Quebec has been seeking sovereignty since 1867. Probably some people who could give us advice about secession.

Only Catholics were allowed to settle in this New France territory, and it remains overwhelmingly Catholic to this day. You probably know what I’m wondering. What “kind” of people survived there? “Humanity is one, shut up!!!” Yeah, you behead random people in humanity, right? Not “haughty” types.

Oh I like this

Il n’est pas surprenant, compte tenu de la place de la religion dans la culture québécoise, que l’anti-américanisme y renvoie aussi. 

Isn’t this just an evil thing to look for ahahaha

Apparently the Quebecers descend from only a handful of families

Almost all French Canadians today are derived from that group that expanded essentially in isolation until the 1950s

From 2600 founders to eight and a half million people. The Brits occupied them in 1763 and they remained genetically isolated into the 20th century.

I’ll just go ahead and say it- Norman escapees, that’s what I’m wondering about. Same type of people from the Old South.

From 1936

our Americanization by cinema, by radio, by the press and periodicals, by sport, by a certain feminism.

And after the war they were further Americanized.

This is an interesting way to look at them

Even if Quebec remains the most European of American societies, its material culture – housing, food, clothing, manners – is deeply marked by that of the United States.

The first settlers of Canada were from Normandy

On July 23, 1632, 300 colonists heading to Canada departed from Dieppe. They brought with them their own culture and Norman language.

Remember my post about how the old aristocratic culture of the American South was being swept away, and there was a Norman writer who depicted that? Perhaps it was not swept away in Quebec? The only thing I really know about them is DFW’s parody, honestly. You don’t hear much about them.

In 1995 there was a vote regarding independence from Canada and 50.6% decided against it.

Speaking of potential strongholds, maybe this one was another case of being so close it was invisible

Why was the old aristocracy of Europe erased from the history books, it’s a mystery.

This can’t be true, it just can’t be true

350 years ago, hundreds of French people left the Normandy coasts to settle and populate Quebec.

Great, now the kikes reading this are plotting how to increase mud migration to Quebec.

“That’s RUDE to question the tarnishing of beauty!” No, I think you’re fucked in the head.

We need mud everywhere, we need pigs rolling around in it, everywhere.

Am I imagining things or did I read somewhere a while back that racial demographics studies are illegal in Canada?

Look at this, they might as well be an American state

This is something to look into, listen for rather

He is struck by their resemblances to the Normans, especially for the accent.

60% report they are “Canadians” so who knows what that means.

Let’s not explore this too much

The Civil War in the United States may have served as a pretext for a certain anti-Americanism in conservative Quebec pro-southern circles

I’ve been meaning to study these people, just a glance for now.

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