Haha you have a niggerbrain and all you can do is hate people who don’t have one of those. What is it like being a nigger? Express your opinion in public, nigger.

“We’re communists!” So tell me what it’s like being a nigger.

You sad? Feel like you’re not human? You don’t seem human to me. Any thoughts on that? Or do niggers not have thoughts.

Narrators’ voice- “Niggers do not have thoughts.” They only try to hide the fact they’re niggers, gotcha.

“No we don’t!!” The nigger can’t even deny it, they simply strive to make sure no one exists outside their nigger majority. Haha you’re like an ape. What are you doing pretending to be human? Why don’t you put that in front of your first name so people know you’re an ape?

Niggers are worthless to talk to, and that’s most people. They’re only going to repeat their monkey patterns, because what else could a non-human do? Haha what a nigger.

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