It doesn’t matter if you take the vaccine or not when you’re already less than human. That’s just a distraction. You’re already a vaxed nigger. Carry on.

“We need to avoid the vaccine to preserve being Jews’ slaves!” – that’s the sentiment of a nigger. Have a good life or something.

“Let’s be Jews’ slaves and avoid the vax!” – haha a total nigger.

White skin and no consciousness, it’s a sight to see. Oh no, the vaccine will make you less of a jew nigger, yeah right. You already missed the boat. You got the “vax”, you’re braindead, it’s over for you.

“Don’t get the vax!!” You’re already a nigger so what does it matter? You can’t even admit you’re a subhuman so imagine how far gone you are.

Like telling people to not get the vaccine will change the fact that you’re already less than human, that’s a real laugh. What a nigger.

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