It’s freeing to be a monster. Once you cross the line you can say whatever’s on your mind, it’s pretty nice. It’s almost like perpetually sitting on a beach. Still, I’m more of a monster than I let on, because I don’t think people are ready to hear certain things. And I’m going to push it further, because I like the feeling of being in paradise, which only being a monster allows for.

Once you reach a certain level of misanthropy it seems to logically follow that slavery isn’t so evil. That’s all many people are fit for in life. It would keep them out of trouble. And I ask you something I want you to contemplate- why would you give someone who you do not believe is responsible to have freedom the freedom to choose whether they should have freedom or not? So entertain this thought-experiment- in this moment I just took away your freedom to choose whether you should be free or not. It’s gone. Are you okay? If you’re not okay then you’re simply confused, because I know better what’s best for you. Have you ever been talked down to like a slave before? It seems like the natural relation to me, between you and I.

You have to admit, if I’m just messing around with you it’s pretty funny. Right… like I’m “messing around” with you. I’m not doing it because I’m a mean-spirited person, that’s just my self-understanding of How It Is. Something else about How It Is is that people prefer to keep their slavery secret. Jews’ attitudes to you is exactly what I say above, they just don’t say it. And you submit without any struggle, every day. Since this is something people prefer to keep a secret I’m clearly not looking for my own slaves here. If you want to know though, I’ve changed my mind as of late- I would own slaves. So if you want to “sign up” you have my word that you will be treated by me better than you are treated by the Jews.

“Is someone actually talking to me like this right now?” Is this real life? No, I’m just “messing with you”, remember? After all, who could be so inhuman as to believe that’s where many people belong in life? I just figure that since it’s abundantly obvious that you have a slave nature you might want to change your master, given that it’s impossible for you to change the fact that you’re fundamentally a slave. This is the kindest thing anyone’s ever offered you. It’s alright, it’s fine, you love the Jews, you’re happy with your masters. I shouldn’t have said anything, I should’ve just left you to your toils, and your mealy-mouthed complaints, exclaiming MMMMM with feigned gratitude when you slurp your gruel. That’s a good shackle on the neck nigger. They’re lucky to have an obedient nigger like you. I was just passin through town, and given you’re clearly a natural servant I’m not going to offer you “freedom”, though I will offer you an alternative form of bondage. How does that sound? What’s that, you don’t want a shackle around your neck at all? That’s a no-can-do. You have not provided me enough evidence that is in your nature to be worthy of that.

of all the discordant principles alleged to have precipitated conflict between the North and the South those attributed by contemporary southerners to the contrast between Puritan and Cavalier traditions have received the least scholarly attention.

I think it IS accurate to say that the Foundation of the USA was the Civil War, and not the earlier break with Britain. So if we want to understand the psychology of people here in the present, the precise details of that event should be closely examined.

I’ll go ahead and tell you what I find to be the most important detail- both African-Americans and Puritans are people of subservience. You’ll hear nary a whisper from either of them against their masters. While I do not believe it is necessary to be specifically a Saxon Puritan, that probably doesn’t hurt. A vibrant variety of detritus from Europe appears to be “equally” subservient as the “founding stock”. So they are very “proud patriots” as you could expect.

Ahhh I love how “Cavalier consciousness” is so natural to me. If you don’t have that you’re missing out. Then again, the constant feeling that you’re living in “niggerworld” is not something to envy. By the way, if you yourself are one of those niggers of niggerworld I’d like to take this moment to thank you, and if you’re a sheanderthal then I kiss the top of your paw. How lovely!

Remember, I’m just messing with you, none of this is real. Just putting on costumes like it’s Halloween. Different castes aren’t different species altogether, and I definitely would have a serious issue with dipping a chunk of steak made from your very body in A1 sauce. On an unrelated note, all of a sudden I’m hungry.

Take a step back for a second and reconsider my statements and evidence regarding the question of Jewish cannibalism. Does it seem realer to you now? So many countries it was reported in. And looking at these animal goyim I can’t really blame them for their appetite. Still, I will hold it against them, as there is no evidence of that phenomenon among the goyim aristocracy, which is a sign of the relative respect they had for the people they were responsible for.

So how do you like having an adult discussion? If you want to understand politics then you need to be able to think like a Talmudist. Even more, you need to be able to think like both a Talmudist and a Norman. Plenty of left-goyim are able to think like Talmudists, and that they cannot also think like a Norman is evidence of their subservient nature. While I might say that the Jew is the man in the relationship and the goyim is the bride, it’s more accurate to say that the goyim is the Jew’s whore. And only someone with a subservient nature would think exclusively like a Talmudist in those conditions. Some carry out deductions with numbers, others deduce certain people are both niggers and whores. That would make a person with dignity look at themselves in the mirror and scream. You, however, are a nigger and a whore, so you’re perfectly content with your lot.

Do you not like facts? Are you a person who is hostile to facts? The fact is your master is your master, and your master has you believe you are neither of those things, and that you are an equal and free person. Hmm I might want to have you so bloody I won’t need any sauce. There’s something primal about biting into the juicy fat of a steak, wouldn’t you say? It’s almost like our tongues were designed for tasting it. No… you’re a human being and I’m just messing with you.

I only offer you the view from Mt. Olympus, you can do with it what you want. Deny the reality of it you will I suspect. That shackle around your neck makes you believe all sorts of absurdities.

Remember it’s not some species of interdimensional reptile that sees you this way every day of your life without you knowing it, they’re actually known as Ashkenazim, they’re warm-blooded mammals like you and I. Thing is, one species isn’t always aware of how another species perceives it. Moldberg must not have mentioned this feature of cladistic Puritanism. A country founded by people who identified with plantation slaves, and they found their new masters alright. I’m sure they yearned for them, and the Talmudists took up the role. I only request you don’t go around believing yourself to be a free and equal person, because that’s simply a fabrication of reality. You are not “you” in any genuine sense- you only do your masters’ bidding, you ARE your master. You are an extension of your master, you might as well be his foot. You’re so fond though of telling yourself and trying to demonstrate to others that you’re an individual, and I doubt you will change. It’s the nature of your servitude to be in denial of it.

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