Let’s go with a buried military man I discovered yesterday – Léon Degrelle – who at first glance looks like “the real Jünger” so to speak. He says history ignores the following group, and this is the reason he suspects why

the most striking feature of the Waffen SS was that it was composed of volunteers from some thirty different countries.

There were one million members and only 400,000 were German. It was mostly foreign volunteers. Can you see yourself joining something like that, anon? No… it’s just a random coincidence I bring this up.

Degrelle escaped to Norway in 1945 and he lived to a ripe old age.

The SS began as only 180 men, until…

This is what we need. Better to die in battle than to submit to ZOG

Do you like how I suggest these things without a trace of irony? Yes, sorry to tell you, I do not speak irony.

Can’t you already feel yourself growing nigger lips? Can’t you already feel yourself looking at the world through peanut brain jungle savage eyes? That’s what they want from you, that’s what they want your future to be. I say we start an army and do a clean sweep of the US, then travel to Europe and clean the kikes out of there next. How do you like that sound of that? Within most of our lifetimes we will witness the US descend into South America tier third-worldism, and even worse with the African element. This is what they and their brainwashed slaves want for you in your future.

This Officer Degrelle is someone we can learn from

I was engaged in seventy-five hand-to-hand combats because as an SS officer I had to be the first to meet the enemy. SS soldiers were not sent to slaughter by behind-the-line officers, they followed their officers with passionate loyalty.

Worry about your meaningless career instead I guess. You’ll get to retire and die and leave your family in a country that is majority mud, majority quietly envies, quietly despises all those who represent the first world. I wonder how they’re going to fare? That’s even if you have a family. Good luck sticking with a girlboss imbecile for more than a couple years. And it’s not their fault, they’re unthinking products of the ruling-caste which our army will explicitly target and wipe off the face of the earth

I like to think about these things, in a serious way.

I was contemplating earlier- the Normans were a minority in England, so why didn’t the Saxons simply team up together and murder all of them? They easily could have decided to do just that. It’s the same case in the present-day US. All it takes is a good deal of people to decide You’re dead. Hey, nothing against illiterate desert peasants- I think we could probably do better than the Taliban.

I wonder if crypto-currency can facilitate this process at all

The Army was still doing everything to stop men from joining the SS in Germany, and acted as though the SS did not exist.

And how long before people from the military itself decide to join the “volunteers”?

Nothing to worry about, we’re just marching in uniforms and practicing our aim with various guns. Are there laws against that?

Do you not notice that every day Jews take a shit all over you? It’s so normal you probably forget. That’s just normal life in the US. Are you going to tolerate that? They even convince you that you deserve it. Do you realize how poorly you are treated? They deserve nothing less than total genocide. I’m not going to mince words about it. No other country in the future should have to deal with them.

What is worth living for in life? I don’t think we’re allowed that at the present time. It’s only empty simulacra. What do you have to lose?

The volunteers joined with full knowledge that the SS incurred the highest death tolls. More than 250,000 out of one million would die in action. For them, the Waffen SS was, despite all the deaths, the birth of Europe.

Just a thought, just a thought. Relax in your ZOG-pod instead, I can’t imagine what meaning that gives you.

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