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Many other works have been published by the Jewish teachers which are used in the study of Jewish law, and which are held in high esteem since they explain many obscure passages in the Talmud.

This is from another late 19th century Russian priest, similar to Lutostansky- Pranaitis.

Here is the structure of his book which is based on a study of their “religious” literature – anything you see to worry about?

At the moment though I’m looking for dirt in the Zohar specifically. For the illiterate goys, this is their central Kabbalistic text, and for some more mystically-inclined Yids it’s as important as the Talmud.

Sticking with this concept of books necessary for understanding other books, Pranaitis suggests a text known as the Shefa‘ tal as a key for unlocking the Zohar. Does it look easy for you to understand?

“You goyim are out of your element, your skulls will be full of mud before you understand us!” I’ll give you a ghoa-uld coin if you give me some guidance, how does that sound? -a nose begins to sniff the air-

Nice way to put it seen on the Rusnet

treats negatively any esoteric knowledge as a way of maintaining the crowd-elite pyramid with the help of hiding knowledge.

I see why people just watch shows and stuff instead of studying this. “Do you know what you’re up against?” Do you know what WE’RE up against? I get more of a clue every day- take a look at that chapter outline above for instance. You don’t want your ruling-caste to have that kind of history, to say the least! It all sounds so extreme that it couldn’t possibly be real, and it IS. This explains why you’re taught to hate yourself. Because they hate you. They’ve taught you to internalize their own attitude about you.

Let me give you some preliminary advice-

The one on the right there is 176 pages, and that’s standard goyfeed that you might find in a library.

Here is what you will see on the Elista forum

And here’s a different one altogether

And before you ask, I don’t know what percent of them practice it to this day. My concern is understanding the origins and historical programming of the secular ones mostly.

Just snag that 176 pager off Amazon, that will inform you about everything you need to know regarding our ruling-caste (NOT). People who control our lives- probably something you should know about. Time to consoom some cheap media that gives you opiate-like effects instead, right? That’s just what they want. Baby stay asleep while they’re awake.

For 500 years it has been working on the minds of not only the Rabbis

The secret “tradition” ceased to be the property of a narrow circle of initiates, and soon the occult waters of Jewish mysticism and magic began to spill over into the broad Jewish masses… The heavenly judgment prohibiting the study of true wisdom (i.e. Kabbalah) is limited to the year 5250 (1490)

I look for my favorite traitor of all, Israel Shahak, in connection with Kabbalah, and discover this forum I hadn’t seen before.

I show you all the best resources from around the world to learn about them, and it’s up to you to not be lazy. The Elista forum, Shahak, that Iranian study center, Choinski, Drumont, etc. etc. and you probably choose instead to do activities that fall right into their plans.

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