Kind of want to know what the Maoism expert has to say about the CCP

unlike other studies of this sinister “revolution” in China, Badiou has taken very seriously, and even literally, the words and slogans that were prepared and released by the propaganda machine of the time and translated (in this case into French) by the Party’s official translation bureau.

Just from the outset- I expect him to be self-censoring and uncritical of them like our movies and newspapers. That’s a lot of readers you miss out on if you slight the CCP.

On the other hand, it would be cool if he presented Xi in this way and it wasn’t merely propaganda

Definitely don’t have any thoughts like this

Imperialized by gooks, can’t wait.

These these thinkers are mainstream here really gives me that eerie feeling that communism is already international

Many contemporary foreign philosophers considered to have or approximate Marxist inclinations, such as Giorgio Agamben, Slavoj Žižek, and Alain Badiou, also have had their works introduced into Chinese academic circles.

Almost all renowned contemporary Western Marxists have been carefully researched in China

You’d think leftists would be talking about China all the time, and they seem to be silent overall about it. Again, if there were an explicitly Nietzschean country I’d probably recurrently bring it up, even if only in a critical light. I think leftists tend to have an intrinsically questionable moral fabric so that likely has something to do with their silence. “I don’t feel accused! Feeling accused right now means nothing!” Yeah…

The orc majority should get the flamethrower treatment. Nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning, etc.

Remember the racism of this picture?

Now imagine Badiou speaking to a Chinaman. It’s not real, don’t worry. “I don’t understand what you’re implying.” Strain your imagination.

The impulse toward colonial thinking…

Just forgetting that always-already condition which precedes one-world-one-family utopia, here is Badiou

I first observed in Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party was a kind of “left-wing” critique of Soviet politics.

This is how he looks at Maoism (it boggles my mind there are so few leftists like this)- in a similar way that Lenin learned from the disaster that was the 1871 Paris Commune, he reflects on the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1966 to prepare for his own “1917”. Meanwhile, fellow travelers of Mao in the US seem to pretend there aren’t any parallels between Eastern Marxism and their own left-wing politics.

This is what I want to know about though

On the other hand, who cares about Mao when the most interesting socialist revolution is going on in the contemporary US. It isn’t so easy to see if you’re living here. You can speak of it “sensitively” or realistically- all the different half-people are empowered here. Sounds like socialism to me, and what a laugh that euphemism is. Respecting unrespectable people- that’s “socialism”.

You can read about Badiou on the Chinese Revolution here

All of this is the direct result of where the “bourgeoisie in the party” was seeking to take China, and eventually succeeded in doing so.

Taking a step back though at least the Chinese have Xi, and everything seems to revolve around him. What does the US have? Kind of a blind hatred of white men seems to be the ethos. That’s the “reactionary class” to them. You don’t see anything like those Soviet utopias here, there’s no positive goal. If there were one then you might have to say that it’s making 100% of the institutions a place where none of the half-people are judged. Eliminate every center-right and centrist from every public place. Only extreme “equalism” is allowed. This is their version of utopia. Every woman is a perfect princess, every Jew is a moral exemplar, every brown or black with ghetto values is to be looked on as a model of the good citizen. You know I voluntarily decide to dwell in a gulag instead of affirming any of that nonsense? Meanwhile everyone applauds these subhuman failures. Bravo to you, you make society worse, and you’re a burden! Call that a utopia I guess. And there’s virtually no one who will talk this way about them. Anyone who doesn’t call them what they are is in cahoots with this “socialist revolution”.

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