Soviet utopias, then there’s…

science fiction (SF) which is driving an alternative version of socio-political reality, a ‘novum’, in the minds of the post-Soviet Russians.

Apparently 700 utopias are published there every year.

Russia’s so lucky, next to Germany or France or the UK, say. They’ve maintained a relative freedom from EU and US norms, PLUS they’re post-commies, PLUS they have Ice Age brains. Thus, I want to know what their present-day utopic visions are like.

They begin this 2020 study by stating exactly why I’d be reading such a thing

the terms ‘political SF’, ‘speculative fiction’, ‘utopias’, ‘utopian fiction’ are used interchangeably, because they all suggest one simple idea that we can invent our future.

Now let’s see if this English book is going to be expectedly obnoxious. My method is to just find names and concepts and translate them onto google. Heh, by page 2 Bloch and Zizek have been referenced. Wastebasket time so soon??

Nope, see, this type of study can be mined

‘liber-punk’ – a sub-genre, showing the perils of Western liberal democracies. Skovronskaia’s story portrays some distant future world, completely seized by the Jews, in which life revolves around a stock exchange

From the for Либерпанк

Please Russkies, do not conflate that with “Western”, there is another West.

I’m not seeing this genre turn up on the Englishnet haahhahah!

“You hate us so much, I feel like you betray us.” Yes and YES.

Книги такого рода встречались либеральной литкритикой недружелюбно или замалчивались

Remember how this post began too- not only do they write liberal dystopias over there, they also write the opposite. One might expect that to be a positive, reactionary goal, depicted in fiction.

If you want to get a glance at liber-punk there are some names here you can google in Cyrillic.

They say it’s the latest tweak of the genre- seems right

who can be offended by the use of the traditional dystopian method, which, as you know, is to bring the trends observed here and now to the extreme, to some frightening absurdity?

Wars of the Brazilian States of America is my first thought

This looks awesome though- I want to find what they consider the pinnacle of the genre

States at the end of the XXI century. A society of finally victorious political correctness. 

Then how about their utopias? “Reacto-punk”? Aristo-punk, that would be too good to be true. Probably would have… “Hindu” themes.

Hundreds of millions of Americans and where is anything resembling liber-punk? I think Evola was right about this country’s “provincial rank”, it just produces mediocrities that can’t think. No imagination, anywhere.

Another related genre on the Rusnet- sacred, or mystical, fantasy

I believe that the accusatory pathos was originally laid in liberpunk … A man with a sacred fantasy in his head looks at the world and is horrified by the impending triumph of liberpunk in reality. 

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