Really do have to hand it to him!

That’s not even the half of it with him. Not every European country has a renaissance man like him.

Just hopping around on the spaghettinet

I’m just looking for where they’ve taken his thought the decades since his death, given that while he continues to be marginalized in Italy it’s not like he’s “new” there as is the case in the Anglosphere.

This sounds enticing

Turris also wrote prefaces for a member of a far-right movement there named after our resident poet (CasaPound). This is someone who seems like he’s not a pariah or something either. Perhaps a happy medium, where they don’t send dogs into the desert, so to speak?

Air Bud was such a sad movie as a kid, that scarred me

Anyway here are some articles if you want to see what a living Evolian thinks about various subjects.

Wow someone else sees them this way?

I wish I could just surgically install my perception of their subhumanity into your brain, since I don’t think many people get it. The guillotining of the nobility is so gradual in our time it’s undetectable. They’ll never admit that’s what they do. And the so-called right, whose testicles have ascended all the way back into their body, will never state the matter in such terms either. It’s a glorious political landscape to behold. Eh at least there’s this Turris.

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