I can never get enough of this first concept here

The Cantos, is both the secret history of the world and a utopian program 

If you think about it from “their” perspective, their place in humanity must be something of a curse, because being recognized would make them vulnerable. So they see the influence they have and only a few probably know they’re responsible for it.

It reminds me of these kinds of games

It’s “so postmodern” that Zuckerberg literally plays this game. I’m not talking about people like him though.

Here is Pound in Guide to Kulchur

This is also true of history, and it’s also true of his poems involving history. There are so many secondary texts on him and none of them are like Mullins’.

See the sorts of things being discussed in this random non-Mullins article for instance?

This is not the slowest vibration. It is often taken to be though. Because that keeps the “gangs” off your back. This isn’t their sensitive spot. What are you afraid of wearing rags and holding a bowl by the side of the road? You’d look charming that way, what’s wrong with that? I’ve seen some paranoiacs speculate that you doom seven generations of your family if you mess with them.

This is a funny concept

survive the knowledge revealed in the underworld

Don’t pretend that you can. Most need a heavy inhalation of copium. I wouldn’t call that surviving, I’d call that cheating. I’ve already created a science of your self-deception and I’m not going to continue to detail that here.

Would it “hurt” you if you learned the FBI has been funding me since day one? That it’s all been a trick to further confuse people about the slowest vibrations? While that might not be true, I’m sure some have learned how to mimic my style in that direction. “How the world turns” – lots of con-artists involved in that “trade”.

This is a mysterious synchronicity to see

When Pound turns his imagination to conspiracy, as he does with regularity throughout The Cantos, the sublime image of the rose in the steel dust is inverted

You know you have google, right? You can study this poet with the resources available to scholars. It’s similar to needing other books to understand the Talmud. Guide to Kulchur helps you understand The Cantos, and other books help you understand the former. Given the existence of the CasaPound movement you might want to look around on the spaghettinet.

I’m looking at an American study now though and this is rare to find in one of those

Pound (Guide to Kulchur 27) suggests that ‘future critics of art will be able to tell from the quality of a painting the degree of tolerance or intolerance of usury extent in the age and milieu that produced it’.

Nope, I was wrong- doing some backtracking, this is from the European Society for the Study of English which was founded in Rome. Coincidences. Do you really need to have a monastery to do a Poundian study of Francis Bacon’s paintings, please? Religion, art, capital, esotericism, there’s no connection between these, right? You have to have an ascetic nature to care about it in an honest way “if one existed”, in my opinion. And those are lacking. Plenty of carnie natures around though, and those will keep you occupied. You’re always looking for the safe and easy way out anyway, aren’t you?

Here is a subtlety

Pound just presupposes that bankers conceal certain books. Ironically, the hermeneutic of servility used in secondary texts on Pound is its own kind of concealment.

You know what’s important about all this though right? People don’t want to accept it, this is part of their not being able to survive the underworld. It’s not about how they got control or how they maintain control, it’s what they do, what their control consists of. And that is moral relaxation. And that is why many who are privy to the awareness of this cabal are not “scared into silence”. No, rather they appreciate the moral relaxation. It revolves around the question of asceticism. Carnies, their audiences, the people of the world, they love our overlords and the moral relaxation they make the norm. They’re so effective at what they do the word “moral” is meaningless now. Yes, that’s part of the relaxation. They want those who question them in rags by the side of the road, because if their perception were ever considered to be valid then these worldly ones would all of a sudden feel tremendous guilt about their lives. The powers that be guarantee they will not feel guilt. You think my perception is off that there is no beauty to be found in humanity? Whatever you want to tell yourself. People are guaranteed they will not feel guilt about being part of that humanity where no beauty is to be found. Some carry out deductions using numbers, others deduce the ones in control have something evil about them.

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