A lot boils down to which side of this you’re on

This is from a chapter on Pound (and you can probably guess which side he was on) in a book by Kerry Bolton who’s one of the only ones I know of who’s written about the themes found in that Goodson central banking book they ban on amazon. So I figure he’s probably a more reliable guide to Pound than most. He has another book titled Revolution from Above, and you can imagine how that fits into the themes already stated here.

He’s so prolific it’s nice someone with Bolton’s temperament dug this up from some random 1930s publication

Pound stated that Roosevelt and his Jewish advisers had betrayed the American Revolution. It was a theme he returned to in more detail during the war: The American Revolution of 1776 had been a revolt against the control by the Bank of England

Foundations of a country are important. You can use those to reverse mistakes that happen later in history that go against the foundations. Anyway, this is an article from Mosley’s journal titled “The Revolution Betrayed”, and I’m not finding it on google. “Mosley? Who’s that?” Heh, exactly. Note the cohesion between this idea and my previous post- this is one of the main facts they distort about history, the reason behind the very foundation of the country. America was originally an Anti-Shylocratic nation. “Oh goody”, here is a pdf of that article. We don’t deserve Pound. He could’ve used his poetic talents to write about nature or some bullshit.

He’s so soft here though

They’re all in cahoots through silence, it’s not just “some of its members”. It’s not a jump to go so far as to say THEY ARE PROUD OF IT. So no, it would not be an excessive punishment. None of them will ever admit what’s going on- more often than not you will see the ones aware of what’s going on talking about the evil of white supremacy, the evil of antisemitism. They deserve something far worse than expulsion. Throats slit and fed to the farm animals. ASAP! Not ONE has taken a stand against their coethnics. Only in Israel and Ukraine have I found a few honest good Jews, zero in America.

You know that a Pound does not exist today? That a half a Pound does not exist today? This is the real meaning behind the policies they enforce as moral arbiters. There will not be a sixteenth of a Pound in the future. This is all by deliberate, careful design. It’s all conscientiousness, no conscience. We live in a state of nature and you are being genocided by one of the other species of fanged ape. They kill the best goys and they will continue to do so until that threat no longer emerges. And it already rarely does emerge anymore as it is. Stand still, let me take your picture- you look like a dupe.

Distortion of history- the Revolutionary War. Next distortion-

This war was not caused by any caprice on Mussolini’s part, nor on Hitler’s. This war is part of the secular war between usurers and peasants

Know the right details of the conflicts that shaped our belief-system and thus lives and you’ll be better adjusted to the present.

I know, I’m talking to people who aren’t going to do anything besides hide.

Or even worse, make excuses for these distorters, which is the typical activity of the rotten kike and their just as rotten minions who favor a political order of moral relaxation, moral retardation. That’s what life is supposed to be about I guess, being a person involved in something like that. What a nigger. The “beauty” of subhumanity, oh yes, it shines through everywhere.

For those who DO hide and don’t actively take part in the depravity of the worldly ones–and there aren’t many of these–you may enjoy this canto of Pound’s. Puh, who even has to “hide”- trillions of dollars have been funneled directly into your mind to make you who you are, on board with their plans, with no self independent from them that would need to hide at all.

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