That Kerry Bolton has a couple books on Artists of the Right

Nice selection, I’ve written about a few of these, and the couple at the end there are obscure to me.

It’s very possible that some are still buried, still too untimely. This Williamson, he’s shipped with these two titans?

One thing I agree with later Yarvin about is that the one thing that can challenge the cathedral is art. So it would be wise to learn from these artists of previous generations. Leftists don’t want to face that so many great minds of the past were not on their side at all.

So it appears this Williamson was a Molsey-ite, i.e. a British fascist. “A British fascist? So you mean like the royal family!” No, the latter is enmeshed in the forces the fascists oppose.

I like the idea of some “slumbering giant” waiting to be discovered. Who have they buried from us? There must be many more than the ones I’ve dug up so far. And if you wrote a book like Goodson’s, as Bolton did, then you can be trusted to propose certain candidates for that.

See this “Gibsonian” remark here- when they use the word “Oriental” to describe the ones who start these wars, that’s when my blood really starts to boil

They only look white, they are not Europeans, do not be fooled. They have zero real “empathy” for you. They don’t relate to you, they don’t care to relate to you, they only seek to be your despot. If you think of the three main peoples we’re supposed to see as our “enemies”, the Iranians, the Russians, and the Chinese, all “Oriental” in their own way, the Jew is arguably less similar to us than any of them. Looking at the “sacred scripture” of the Hebrews I’d much prefer to have Chinese overlords. Whoa, people that don’t doctrinally hate you and want to kill you, I thought that was asking too much!

So anyway, Mosley was influenced by Spengler. Spenglerian artists would be great to find. At first glance Williamson seems to be a “soil enthusiast”. And you can’t understand present-day cosmopolitanism without an awareness of the driving factors behind the 109. You go from place to place and people are just a means to an end to you. Even if you stay “rooted” in the same place, that un-kantian attitude remains. There’s nothing progressive about open-borderism either, given that it’s borne from a people with an exploitative mindset. Do cut-throat business with consumers everywhere, let any immoral person move to your country- the “sunshiney” gleam of open-borderism only exists on the surface, you have to have a realistic understanding the mind of the Jew to know what it’s really about. Immoral people should be tolerated and not judged. There’s a reason they don’t have their own country. And they’ve planted their attitude into the minds of the goyim now. Our country is unsustainable because we’ve adopted that attitude of theirs. Their concern isn’t what’s good for the country they’re in. All they care about is how much immorality they can get away with without being detected, and that’s the goyim of today now too for the most part. Universalizing Judaism is unsustainable. “Wait wait, you haven’t mentioned menorahs, so how could you possibly be talking about Judaism?” Those candles are lighted to celebrate all of the above…

I always think about how I took a World Religions course as a freshman in college, and I really liked that professor, he was a role model to me for a time. While he never mentioned any of this stuff obviously (was a self-proclaimed liberal) I still feel like I’m part of his “tradition” in a certain way in talking about World Religions the way that I do. There are things people don’t like to hear about Christians, Muslims, Jews…

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