This is from a Shi’ist- you’re not going to see this level of perception of western perception from one of those Amazonian tribes

In the third stage or period of the Orientalist movement, which begins in the middle of the twentieth century,

Am I myself at the fourth stage of this? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. What do they think of our Islamologists? Now that I’ve learned to steer clear of all the Schuonians I wonder if there are any accounts of their religion in English they actually agree with.

O Radhanites, what stage am I on with you?

And let’s not even mention these “Christians”- I kick that filth into the gutter on a daily basis. I know these last two through and through alright. Muslims are a different story.

“You don’t know us, goy!!” Right, I bet you don’t really think of me as a “goy” either, whether you ever use that word or not. I just think of that anonymous gypsy girl talking about how before the war her people was secretive, and AFTER the war they got even more secretive. Want to speak into the microphone about that? Haha your people would desert you if you did that, huh? Meanwhile you’ve brainwashed mine to think of themselves as high-status for selling out their own people. Whoa, an adult conversation here, you don’t like those happening in public do you? So don’t pretend I don’t read you like a book.

Anyway, back to the ones I don’t understand- this is a good preliminary question to ask

آیا می توان از روش شناسی غربی برای شناخت اسلام استفاده کرد؟

I had the thought of suspicion earlier for instance whether it’s even accurate to consider Islam a “religion” at all. Many things I’ve learned about Talmudism for example lead me to hesitate to call it a religion. And one of the more obvious examples this suspicion can be applied to is Confucianism of course.

what is certain is that Western methodologies are strongly influenced by the Western view of the facts of the universe and can not be worshiped and dependent on them

Worshiping western scientism the same way they worship Allah.

I’d have to agree with them here about “our” scientific attitude

These scientific issues give a single spirit and dominate the present world, which was certainly not a monotheistic and divine spirit.

What do you mean I’m trying to get a scientific attitude ABOUT our scientific attitude? You caught me. I don’t think the simultaneous rise of secularism and nihilism is a coincidence. The scientific attitude must not be perfectly scientific itself if that is the state of things.

Something the west underplays about Islam though is its incorporation of previous faiths. They consider Muhammad the final messenger, i.e. they have respect for Torah-Judaism and Christianity. While the other way around is not the case, Jews and Christians don’t see Muhammad as a holy figure. Interestingly, also, they tend to see the Talmud as a human creation. This fact explains in part the brazen imperialism from the Judeao-Christians in Muslim countries. Given that they avoided our rabble-revolutions, Muhammad might have been onto something. The west might have missed the boat in this whole “surrendering to God” business. Are you able to surrender to God and admit they’re right about some things and the west is wrong about some things? Sorry, I know atheists are too proud for that sort of thing. The rule of the human ego. That’s an animal that’s distant from the Good.

See how I’m able to examine Islam with an open mind? That I strive to understand them as they understand themselves? Consider that I have the same attitude when I examine Judaism. You don’t like what I perceive there? Does it make you emotional at all what I perceive there? If it does then you might conclude we continue to live in “wars of religion” in the present. Why would it make you emotional at all if it didn’t reflect on today’s world in a real sense? It’s because Jews are still Jews, and it’s a religion of secrecy. You’re fooled about this fact when you see them not wearing a yarmulke or star of David, no? It’s almost like there’s something shady about that. Suppose that Christian-descended people really did have the right view of morality, and the brigade against “white supremacy” was a way to disintegrate that right view of morality? Wait a second, that’s exactly what’s happening. And I bet you’ll do exactly what this shady crime family wants regardless of hearing this. Just like the gullible goy you are. Thus it follows that the Shia-goys know something about morality we don’t. Week 300 something in World Religions Studies- how are you doing? Feeling that Christian guilt yet? That Jewish bloodthirst? The stirring of the human spirit which exists beyond all religions and seeks the truth?

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