I love “letting you have it”, I hope you’ve enjoyed your wake-up call, hopefully I haven’t left a trail of broken people in my wake. What do you want from me? Do you just expect people to lie all the time? Sorry if when I tell you what I really think about things I seem like a monster. Hated for being yourself, I bet no one can identify with that.

I hope to help the feminists take their babysteps into adulthood and they’re only ready for mush, no real food. Isn’t it funny to imagine the ones who act strong and independent in public secretly wondering if they should be wearing a hijab? I mean, it’s true. If you can contemplate with a clear mind the idea of cyborgism and artificial wombs is a hijab that much of a leap of the imagination? The west is just a daycare without a babysitter the way I see it. That’s the truth of your existence, that you should be a humble woman in a hijab, whether you actually wear the hijab or not. It’s time to accept it. Half of the population is fundamentally confused, and that’s bad for ALL of the population. That’s right, the stereotypical farmer girl is more sophisticated in her understanding than high-status academic types. That’s pretty embarrassing, it makes you wonder why the latter aren’t fired if that’s the case. It’s time to just accept all this. The ones who struggle against all this seem like snot-nosed brats to me. You’re just kids. The Enlightenment was a mistake, that’s the reason why we’re here now. Telling people that they’re mature, rational beings does not make them that. I’d like to see someone prove me wrong- they can’t do that, all they can do is continue to serve as an unwitting symbol of the failure of feminism. A real angel would be able to defy the world.

Enough about that half of humanity. How about other ones now. Did you like that photo of an Asian girl’s head in skull-calipers? Hello darkness my old friend… The west is so tolerant they will voice no concerns about a monkey-people emerging as the new world-hegemon. Look at their faces!! They’re apes and they act like it. Only a bioleninist would deny it, some oompa loompa Irishman I bet.

Can you imagine an Austrian with those mannerisms? Of course not. So let’s all stop playing games here. Every people has something to say about them, and some are worse than others. Especially Ellis Island immigrants. Are you ready to stop playing games yet? I doubt it. Point is, I know what a chink is, and it’s not a European. I’d rather start a war with them than let them take over our culture. And that’s the current “flight plan”. So, sorry if you can’t see very far into the future. What should we do to avoid that, you ask? Progs needs to have a wake-up call, and that’s what I try to do for them.

And why settle for the poor innocent progs? If you only criticize them then that’s a testament to your own lack of self-respect, because there are sharks out there to hunt. You know what my “ideology” is? I’m a shark too and fuck you. So I don’t settle for surface critiques of the progs. The situation has more fundamental characters moving things. So let’s summarize here some- we have half the population which is totally confused due to Enlightenment ideas having no basis in reality at all and that women are essentially 16 year olds until they hit menopause, for one. Next we have the geopolitical reality which is the CHINKS who are monkey-people who know how to breed a lot and have power through that alone, for two. Then, we have our own ruling-caste within our own country that is facilitating the spiritual degradation of the people which leads to the chinks being better able to manipulate us, especially when thought of in a “century’s context”, for three. And of course we also have the weak-willed progs with slave-natures that let it all happen and scream THANK YOU MASTER FOR THE GRUEL! for four. And that about characterizes what I think of “the US”. Time to just accept it all and finally do something about it.

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