Among priests (which is usual) I suggest the Parmenides as the peak of the highest wisdom. I dare you to try to do an honest reading of that without dissolving in the atmosphere. If we take it as a given that Christianity is Platonism for the people, the step beyond that is Platonism is the Parmenides dialogue for the people. This is my particular taste at least and perhaps tomorrow I will describe a few reasons why I believe this. “Climbing Everest” is for plebs really, and this is a question for those who… I doubt anyone wants to play this game. The entities in my mind’s ear keep telling me to play this game. Yes, the Parmenides is one of the pinnacles outside of the human. And the ones who care about current events won’t understand it? Perhaps it will be discussed then if you’re lucky. The reason no one knows about it is because discussing it with the rabble is meaningless, they’ll never understand. I mean, the dialogue is easy to find on google if they want to put effort in for the first time in their life. (They don’t bother and do something mind-numbing instead.)

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