I don’t like how often I see this guy when I look into this subject- I think he has something of a hegemony on the field

The books of his they ban in Russia are real eye-openers, don’t get me wrong, I just… don’t trust Yids to tell me everything about their esotericism.

I’ve made several posts about Laitman- he’s one of those rare mystics that believes a new epoch began some centuries ago that demands Kabbalah be universalized to lesser-yids and goyim alike.

The fact that Strauss never talked about Kabbalah is such a laugh. Give up the goys’ secrets, not OURS!

1993, not a shocker this is another “slow, slowwww dialogue”

Like I trust Scholem to tell me about Kabbalah either… How stupid do you think I am? Take one glance at a Kenneth Grant book and get back to me about “Jews tell you everything about Kabbalah” ROFL. “Don’t bring Grant up, that’s evil, that’s bad juju.” What, you don’t like Satan raping you to death? That’s another slow dialogue that probably doesn’t exist- Scholem/Grant. I forgot about this trapdoor. Why do I do this to myself?

Do you think Epstein used the Gematria?

Anyway, this is another way you can interpret Parmenides too

Thaumiel being the evil side of Kether represents the eternally aggressive tension or duality between two opposing polarities. If all is one and unified in the first ray of light in Kether, all is divided and cleaved in its most inner essence in Thaumiel

Meanwhile Tagimron is used to exploit the poor progs

The qliphothic aspect of Tiphareth is represented by all influences that help to conceal rather than unveil beauty.

What is it that PKD said, that a wizard we cannot see is playing a boardgame with Time? We like to pretend it’s God.

Will you accept flowers from a dæmon?

I’ve seen a few yids express hostility at goyim altering their system into qabbala.

Back when I was naive I used to think evil might be something “cool”- turns out it usually amounts to Mammon-worship and the embrace of animality. Whoa, so cool. “Evil” is just the glimmering surface- in reality these sorts of people are simply lazy. Peasantbloods with a layer of sludge that caked over their third-eye who try to pass it off as something dark and mysterious. Oh, I will stab you.

Anyway, the one recognized as the founder of this mysticism has an interesting historical context

I highly doubt you can understand Kabbalah without taking into account “the goyim other”. If you want to understand evil, excesses, and the pathways between the sephiroth it needs to be acknowledged that the goy is the main embodiment of “evil” to them.

Remember that the qliphoth are known as “shells”. That’s what they goyim is. You’re not the pistachio to them. You only exist to be discarded.

There are spellings of this in “English” if you want to look further into it- kelipot, kelipah.

Ironically, Kabbalah itself is a type of “shell” these days. The secular ones have discarded it, they don’t need it anymore. They already have what they want, which they obtained in part through its help.

I’ve made it known what my “favorite” sephirah is for years now

Yet, even though creation continued the original vessel of Geburah couldn’t be restored. This, finally,  is the way how evil managed to enter into creation by shape of untamed Strength or Severity.

The shells that were supposed to be left behind remained imbued with the sparks of light of creation. This is probably a genetic memory to them when they call for white genocide. Goyim are not supposed to have any of the sparks of light. In their eyes it’s a shadow-like light.

Here is Scholem – this is probably how they see certain Iranians

the Breaking of the Bowls, of which we find exhaustive descriptions in the literature of Lurianic Kabbalism, is the decisive turning point in the cosmological process. Taken as a whole, it is the cause of that inner deficiency which is inherent in everything that exists and which persists as long as the damage is not mended. For when the bowls were broken the light either diffused or flowed back to its source, or flowed downwards. The fiendish nether-worlds of evil, the influence of which crept into all stages of the cosmological process, emerged from the fragments which still retained a few sparks of the holy light—Luria speaks of just 288.

And then I’ve written before about a form of gnosticism you can find in Islam as a response to this. Another slow dialogue.

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