Okay, similar to always finding Laitman everywhere, I always find Corbin too. This is how one of the latter’s books on Islamic gnosticism begins

The Institute of Ismaili Studies was established in December 1977

The Iranian Revolution began in… January 1978.

So I’m not sure these studies will be the best they possibly could be

Are you having a wild time, my beloved reader? Let’s see what the real meaning of the Parmenides is, let’s see what the real meaning of the Zohar is, let’s see what the real meaning of the Quran is.

So the other day I was having issues finding those Eranos lectures of Corbin’s that so perturbed that Yid who claimed he declared war on the Scholemians, and now I appear to have found a few of them. Scholem the golem I always say. And I don’t expect a pistachio shell to appreciate the humor of that. Ugh why is it that every day for years I’ve made virtually every person in the west look like a “pussy retard” and only total mediocrities are promoted in the public square? That’s just grand, I love that. Jealous inferiors, everywhere. That’s humanity I guess. Fuck you people. Absolute niggers in a downward spiral together. Call me a fact-machine. Society should consist of braindead weaklings like you all. That’s a great plan! The infantile Jew goes around everywhere crapping its diaper and you ARE that diaper! Time to bask. Pretend its a warm breeze caressing your gentle features. Maybe people like me ARE supposed to go extinct, because clearly our species are not supposed to be in this world together. The perpetual reminder that you’re a pushover with no dignity, a limping dwarf, that must be a burden. A fact-machine and an excuse-machine, that’s always been our dynamic, hasn’t it? That’s MY burden. An excuse-machine making excuses for why it’s an excuse-machine, just as certain as the sun will rise and the sun will set. Didn’t I say I want off this ride three years ago, four years ago? What do you do when someone’s smarter than you? You scapegoat them like any totally sane and responsible adult would. What’s that, you don’t like the world? Let me tell you something. You don’t understand what not liking the world is about. “The world” is an orc conspiracy, there’s zero doubt about it. You know what percent of English words I read and conclude “That is NOTHING, that is IRRELEVANT!” You don’t want to know. The mumblings of a slave. Speak words of nothingness all your life, how meaningful.

I’m not sorry about any of this. Something needs to be done about these problems. You live in a society of brainless weaklings and you want that to continue? If that is your stance you need some sense talked into you. No, it’s not going to happen, I have years of evidence now, that’s simply what they want.

Hmm I was going to post about the Ismaili conception of the demiurge then I decided to write about the nature of its minions instead.

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